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Finance / Admin Officer

Sungi Development Foundation
End Date: 30 Nov, 2016

Location :Chak Jhumara, Saddar, Jaranwala, Sumundri & Tandianwala Faisalabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :5
Post Type:Job
Start Date :24 Nov, 2016

Sungi Development Foundation is looking for energetic and experienced male and female candidates for different roles in a short term project of door to door data collection in Urban and Rural areas of KPK and Punjab through Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI). Utilization of technology tools is the essential part of the data collection process and Android based tablets will be used to fill ERFs.


Work Responsibilities / Major Activities

  1. Preparing and maintaining all office level financial records including preparation of vouchers, handling cash, dealing with bank.

  2. Book-keeping and safe keeping of financial records and files.

  3. Making sure that all cash/bank disbursement is as follows:

i) Costs and calculations are properly checked before payment is made.

ii) Disbursement are duly authorized and approved by the concern staff only.

iii) Payments are made against original bills /invoices only.

iv) Making sure that payment made are genuine and office rules have been followed before the payment is made.

  1. Summarizing the payments and preparing vouchers.

  2. Maintaining daily Petty cash and preparing summary of cash activity at the end of each day.

  3. Posting bank, Cash, Journal vouchers in the books of Accounts and “ACCPAC International Accounting” software.

  4. Maintaining a detailed record for staff Operational and Personal advances.

  5. Maintaining a price file containing quotations showing current prices of all items which are regular use and are purchased frequently.

  6. Prepare bank cheques and prepare bank vouchers.

  7. Dealing with banking channels and maintaining good terms with related banks.

  8. Preparing Cash demands in co-ordination with office incharge and finance manager in time to meet the cash requirements of the office.

  9. Deduction and submission of Income Tax from Suppliers and staff, e-filing of tax statements.

  10. Preparation payroll.

  11. Fund Management.

  12. Donors’ Reporting.

  13. Conduction of Audit

Preparing monthly financial reports which are as follows:

  1. Preparing Adjusted Trial balance.

  2. Bank Reconciliation, reconciling subsequent position showing in trial balance and Financial reports.

  3. Preparing budget of location on quarterly basis and preparing total spending of Programs operating at location and coordinating with relevant managers for over or Under spending and finally reporting to finance manager and donors.

  4. Preparing the aging analysis of Payables and receivables and preparing the ledgers of creditors and debtors.

  5. Deduction of Income tax at source from suppliers and deposited into treasury within a Week and preparing the aging analysis of income tax deduction and reconciling with trial balance.

  6. Preparing and maintaining Bank book, cash book, and cash flow statement on daily and monthly basis.

Duties as an admin Officer:

  1. Ticketing,

  2. Boarding and lodging

  3. Maintenance leave record

  4. Event management

  5. Vehicle hiring

  6. Procurement

  7. Follow ups Medical claims

  8. Liaison with Zonal offices, Donors, auditors etc

HR Focal Person as well at Location:

    1. Adherence / complete understanding of all HR related policies and procedures

    2. Ensure availability, provision, easy access and full orientation of HR policies and rules to new and existing location staff

    3. Ensure timely submission of Leave Reports to Admin Section, Head Office Section

    4. Ensure timely evaluations of staff including probation end evaluation, midterm evaluation and annual performance appraisal of all location support staff and ensure timely submissions to HR.

    5. Submission of Test/Interview processes documents on timely basis for HR Section proceedings.

    6. Submit health claims of staff members along summary list of claims with to HR Section.

    7. Display list on notice boards of health claims reimbursed from Insurance Company.

    8. Submit documents of staff in case of any changes in personal record, education, family status (Parents, Spouse, Children) etc

    9. Submit Staff / Consultants /Interns/ Volunteers updated List of Office on monthly basis to HR Section

    10. Submit updated list of staff having EOBI, Health and Employee Cards to HR Section

    11. Submit receiving of documents like Extension Letter, probation extension/confirmation letters, transfers letters, salary revision letters, contract closure letters, hand/take over letters, of location staff to HR Section.

Knowledge and Skills:                     List the experience, education, knowledge and skills required for effective functioning in this job.

List the knowledge, skills, experience and licenses preferred or required to perform the job in a fully competent manner


Mandatory minimum academic, technical or other knowledge required:


Mandatory minimum work experience required :


MBA/ Finance


At least 3 years working experience with NGOs, INGOs in Finance & Admin Section.


Very good understanding of different frameworks and development approaches. Very good understanding of human rights.





Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:


Preferred academic, technical or other knowledge preferred in this job:


Preferred additional work experience :


Familiarity with data management software (Financial Software, MS Office, etc)


Have good understanding of the function of support departments


Understands and values diversity and maximizes diversity to achieve organizational goals



Strong communication and negotiation skills with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders




Ability to operate in administratively self-serviced environment




Ability to work effectively under pressure


*Sungi is an equal opportunity employer and women are particularly encouraged to apply.

  *Interview will be conducted on daily bases due to urgency of the project