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Provincial Security Manager

International Development
End Date: 15 Mar, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :01 Mar, 2017

Background: The position is for an international development project working to deliver social infrastructure across Pakistan.

Position Summary: This position is responsible for maintaining oversight of operational safety and security issues and implementing safety protocols and procedures at Punjab offices and across the field and program locations. The position is based in Lahore, with a requirement to spend a period of time visiting the field and providing support to staff members.

Location: Lahore

Reporting and Supervision: This position will report to Country Security Manager.

Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Stakeholder Relationship Management 

  • Proactively build effective working relationships with Provincial and District Education Officers, SST Members, PTC/SC Members, CCSI members and Contractors; and 
  • Create a win-win environment by gaining agreement from partners and / or Customers before taking partnership-oriented actions.

Perform duties in line with procedures

  • To oversee and coordinate all project security and safety programs, plans and policies in Areas of Responsibility (AoR’s)
  • Monitor the on-going security environment where project programs are impacted, and within the context of the overall security situation in the concerned city/province.
  • To monitor the ongoing threat environment faced by the project and brief the senior management accordingly. To distribute threat warnings and safety advice to all staff as appropriate.
  • To provide security, safety and risk mitigation advice to the senior management during all hours. This may include recommending changes in physical protection measures, working and social routines, and movement restrictions & out-of-bounds areas, protection equipment and security staff deployment, as required.
  • To ensure that project staff fully complies with project security procedures. To report any non-compliance to the senior management.
  • To act as the single point of contact for all staff movements.
  • To oversee movement control and co-ordination in AoR for the project during all hours. This is to include driver and vehicle deployment, staff whereabouts, and maintaining a Log of all current and projected movements in the AoR.
  • To verify that all security devices such as locks, alarms, access systems and physical force protection measures are operational or reported for repair and be fully conversant with its operation.
  • To ensure project procedures for visitor access and vehicle control systems are being followed by all staff.
  • To initiate, manage and coordinate the security response to any emergency suffered by the project.
  • To oversee the performance of the static guard force. This is to include regular inspections at irregular times during the night for alertness & readiness of the security staff, at office.
  • To provide the GFC with update briefings on changes in the security situation, current threats, and restricted areas, as needed.
  • To implement the Fire Emergency Plan, when necessary.
  • To implement the project Emergency Response plans and procedures, when necessary.
  • To produce an Incident Report recording the details of any incident.
  • To support the senior management with other reasonable duties as directed.


  • To manage and provide effective leadership to the security team and ensure that:
  • All physical security to all on site staff is delivered within the organization security policy.
  • All training needs are identified and processed promptly and are undertaken at the appropriate time.
  • To maintain the Security Operations Procedures are up to date for use by all on site security personnel to cover duties, individual instructions for each post; attendance; use of security equipment; dress standard; training etc Input to include local specific elements.
  • To check duty rosters
  • To assist management in implementing security as a core business function to be adopted by the whole office,  keeping physical security measures under constant review to ensure they are adequate to meet current threats to business, evaluate changes, showing advantages and disadvantages, costs etc and present to the senior management.
  • Represent security on any relevant project workgroups and project boards.

Security Breaches/ Investigations

  • Act as focal point for any investigations involving security; to prepare reports and note follow up action.
  • Report any significant security breaches to the senior management; undertake full investigation; recommend course of action in consultation with the management.

Disaster Recovery

  • Participate in the role of Incident Manager during any incidents and emergencies.
  • Ensure that all business recovery/contingency plans and/or procedures held within the security office are always kept up to date including local specific.
  • Work as a member of Emergency Response Team (ERT).
  • Be on call on a 24 hours x 7 days basis for any emergencies. Maintaining a minimum of 20 min response time.
  • Undertake the security lead role in the Major Incident Team.

Activity Reporting

  • Provide accurate and timely activity based reporting as per project SOPs: weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.;
  • Provide informative, timely and effectively presented written reports/numerical data as required;
  • Collect and analyse weekly reports;
  • Maintain the provincial project tracker;
  • Is responsible for filing all project related documents; and
  • Provide reports to the Country Security Manager.

Minimum Qualification and Experience required:

  • Minimum 3 – 5 years related work experience as a commissioned officer in the military, police or similar guard force with proven experience in leadership roles is required, including work in security management.
  • Minimum Bachelors or Service Equivalent.
  • Regularly acquires in-depth knowledge of security legislation and securing environment from related hazards and threads.
  • Advanced security training and experience with risk management including problem identification and problem solving required.
  • Strong management and leadership skills together with excellent communication, influencing, negotiating and engagement skills.
  • Experience of writing procedures, drafting reports, preparing business cases and compiling and adjusting duty rosters to meet shortfalls in staffing levels.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, as well as independently.
  • Must be licensed to drive in Pakistan.
  • Basic IT skills with a working knowledge of the range of MS Office packages and knowledge of electronic security systems.
  • Security professional with a proven experience within the security industry, armed services or the public sector.
  • Excellent overall communication skills, including experience of writing and reviewing security policies, procedures and plans.
  • A strong and well-developed network of contacts with key security providers, as well as key professionals working with these providers