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YPO (Young Professional Officer) / Economic Analyst Water

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End Date: 24 Mar, 2017

Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :01 Mar, 2017

General Scope of Work: YPO Water Program is to provide technical support and assistance to the HOD of program or designate in all aspects of program management, designing, coordination, and monitoring.

Support in mobilization and provision on inputs of the project and production of outputs, according to the programme document and the procedures provided. Provide close and regular administrative and technical backstopping to all project/program components. Implement reporting systems between the PDD and Project/s. Backstop Coordinator in the process and creation of project related publications, reports, research papers, presentations, and ensure that information available to the GM/Manager is accurate.


A. Operational (General/Administrative):

1. Ensure compliance with all organizational policies, rules and regulations.
2. Ensure that the organization’s interests in the execution of the programme operations are safeguarded at all times.
3. Be responsible for the smooth operation of the related assignments.
4. Assure that all contractual obligations are adhered to and make the necessary contacts and efforts to ensure implementation of required targets.
5. Resolve/Monitor major administrative issues of the programme and report on progress to the GM/Manager – PDD.
6. Ensure the major deliverables are formally approved by GM/Manager – PDD.
7. Identify and utilize strong team members to bring additional experience in Water program.
8. Participate and take minutes in meetings with the entire project team where team meets face-to-face.
9. Provide opportunities for team-building & capacity building activities.
10. Assist in the overall planning of the projects/program’s activities.
11. Supervise the preparation of project(s) budgets and utilization of approved finances; ensure that expenses are incurred in an efficient manner.
12. Be responsible for quality delivery of all intermediate and final outputs of programme.
13. Regularly assist team members and provide feedback and support to enable them to do their jobs better.
14. Ensure the proper hard/soft filing of all documents related to individual activities, as per the organization’s QMS guidelines.

B. Functional (Task Specific):

15. Designing and improvement of the Water Programme.
16. Developing all process related guidelines, SOPs and checklists.
17. Programme Targets achieved as finalized by the management with good quality of deliverables.
18. Ensure that staff follows the formats and provide the requisite information.
19. Assist in coordinating the evaluations required of the programme.


20. Maintain a repository of information on the client and other stakeholders interaction with the project.
21. Coordinate with the Admin focal person for all programme related activities and approvals.
22. Review and provide feedback to the communications department on the implementation of communication strategy of the project(s) in Water Programme.
23. Coordinate with the HR department and ensure timely hiring of the project teams and team management.
24. Prepare and review Job Specifications for project and research teams in line with Water Programme.
25. Review Training and Research design to ensure that it is in line with the project requirements.
26. Review and manage project finances including budgets (overall and recurring budgets).
27. Prepare and submit Quarterly Progress Reports, Annual Project Reports and other required reporting material as per client and PDD requirements.
28. Analyse Water programme related developments from time-to-time and provide timely inputs to senior management for informed decision-making.

C. Symbiotic (Cross-Functional):

29. Develop/refine process for smooth functioning with other departments/units both internally and for projects.
30. Identify core needs required by the project for effective delivery of the agreed deliverables in coordination with the other units.
31. Participate in project development activities, with the aim of developing a common understanding about project outcomes, activities, outputs, resources and methodology.
32. Develop close working relationships with project participants and stakeholders in order to establish a shared vision and achieve project objectives.
33. Extend full cooperation to internal/ external auditors during audits and ensure proper follow up on recorded observations/recommendations.

D. Knowledge/qualifications

34. Postgraduate degree (preferable Masters) in Economics or a related field like Public Policy, Development Studies, Environment Economics, Natural Resources etc.
35. Minimum of 2 years research experience
36. Knowledge of research methodologies
37. Research publications are preferred but not required
38. Specific knowledge, experience and interest in water related development issues, actors, and policy process.
39. Strong interpersonal and team leadership skills – able to motivate, mentor, and liaise and communicate with colleagues at all levels of seniority.
40. Excellent IT and Microsoft Office skills; practical experience with email and internet communication systems (e-conferencing and list serves etc); database management skills.
41. Willingness to travel frequently