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Water Governance Specialist

LEAD Pakistan
End Date: 24 Mar, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :12 Mar, 2017

General Scope of Work:

LEAD Pakistan is committed to strengthening policy and institutional infrastructure that supports drinking water availability, access, and quality in Punjab based on evidence based research.

The Water Governance Specialist will primarily be responsible to support environmentally sustainable management and equitable governance of water resources and water supply.

Prime responsibility among these would be research that feeds into:

(a)  Provincial water policy development and reform for Punjab which focuses on drinking water - in addition to water for agricultural use; and

(b)  Reform and revamping of WASA.

This will be possible through partnership with a wide array of internal and external partners in each of its strategic areas – water quality, accessibility, and availability to lead in water Governance.


  1. To take the lead in design and implementation of dialogue to support ongoing policy advocacy and development work in the Punjab water sector.
  2. To contribute to Water sector policy work through consultations on various relevant forums based on good practices including water related networks based on experience, expertise and tools in support at policy level.
  3. To support development of guidance material on water programming to promote equitable access to water supply and management on Water Governance to facilitate internal and external partners.
  4. To provide analysis, and develop a Guidance Note on applying a human rights-based approach to water accessibility and distribution. This will include guidelines to PSPC and partners on how to strengthen capacity for implementation and prioritization in the project area.
  5. Interact/engage with the CBO/NGOs/agencies at national and sub-national levels; relevant networks; and related circles on the implementation of water projects and ensure contributions in project implementation related to access to safe drinking water and it effects on health issues.
  6. Represent PSPC in consultations convened and provide inputs towards the compilation of Best Practices and Water Policy.
  7. Review, oversee, coordinate, and contribute to the research publications of the PSPC project.
  8. Follow a framework approach, in collaboration with water experts, partner institutions, and technical advisors to bring support in consultations and dialogue to prepare practical recommendations for PSPC and development of right practices.
  9. Support senior management by providing strategic policy advice in key water-related meetings, briefing notes and speaking points.
  10. Review and help develop water portfolio in collaboration with project partners, especially through development of case studies.
  11. Support and establish best practices in water Governance including implementation and successful closure of the projects that can serve as a model for future programme arrangements to promote access to clean drinking water.
  12. Contribute to learning, knowledge management and communication associated with the project, especially with regard to research findings and key recommendations of studies.

 Professional & Qualification Requirements:

  1.  Master’s degree in relevant field (Water Governance Expert), or equivalent
  2. Excellent English language writing and editing skills;
  3. 10 years of experience working in Public Policy, Governance, and reporting;
  4. Ability to identify and engage effectively with key contacts in Government, water experts
  5. Must have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and be proficient in the use of research tools and methodology.
  6. Proven organizational skills;
  7. Maturity, professionalism, and positive attitude.

 Primary Deliverables:

  1.  Water Policy
  2. Periodic Analysis of research studies
  3. Annual Progress Report
  4. Communication, dissemination, and branding strategies
  5. Newspaper supplements

 The positions relate to a landmark project in Water in the Punjab Province.

All position required frequent travel between Islamabad & Lahore and Districts of Southern Punjab.

LEAD Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer