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Drinking Water Quality Specialist

LEAD Pakistan
End Date: 24 Mar, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :12 Mar, 2017

General Scope of Work:

The Drinking Water Quality Specialist will: design protocols for protection of water sources and distribution networks, improve and strengthen water quality surveillance, monitor and test systems; increase awareness about safe water use and hygiene; develop appropriate health information management systems; and establish linkages between environmental conditions, water, and health.

Within this, specific responsibilities include analytical engagement with data-sets produced by the project and with data-sets that already exist on various aspects of drinking water provision and consumption, human development, public health, food and nutrition, etc. The Specialist will be called upon to produce evidence-based recommendations that can direct not just drinking water sector but other sectors that are linked to drinking water such as, health, nutrition, sanitation, etc.  


  1. To Conduct and supervise sanitary inspection for main water resources in project areas.
  2. Support technical maintenance and/or rehabilitation of programme water quality control laboratories.
  3. Conduct trainings and capacity building for staff/counterparts and facilitate on job trainings for staff responsible about water quality monitoring and control.
  4. Quality check and functioning of laboratory equipment, supplies and components for PSPC for water quality control laboratories.
  5. Procurement, delivery and installation of hardware and software to ensure proper water quality data management system within the laboratory network.
  6. Conduct hygiene awareness campaign as and when required, targeting high risk areas in terms of waterborne diseases with the involvement of community leaders and stakeholders.
  7. Provide technical support and relevant inputs to advocacy and policy design.
  8. Participate in policy development through consultations, by providing inputs regarding best practices and innovations in water quality management and control.  
  9. Develop a guidance note for water quality assurance, which includes local adaptations of international standards (e.g. WHO guidelines) and lessons learnt from good/best practices form other similar countries
  10. Guide PSPC and partners in strengthening relevant capacity to implement the project in target areas.
  11. Represent LEAD Pakistan’s Water Programme on relevant forums.
  12. Support senior management by providing strategic policy advice in key water-related meetings, through briefing notes and speaking points.
  13. Review and help develop water portfolio in collaboration with project partners, especially through development of case studies.
  14. Contribute to learning, knowledge management and communication associated with the project, especially with regard to water quality.

Professional & Qualification Requirements:

  1. Master’s degree in relevant field (information, water related science), or equivalent from a well reputed Institute.
  2. Excellent English language writing and editing skills;
  3. 10 years of experience having strong background in (educational or professional) in biochemistry, environmental sciences, microbiology, etc
  4. Ability to identify and engage effectively with key contacts in Government, water experts
  5. Must have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office,  proficiency in statistical analysis of data sets on water quality will also be required. Applicant to be proficient in the use of research tools and methodology.
  6. Should have a strong background in research related functions of data collection, analysis, and surveys.
  7. Maturity, professionalism, and positive attitude.

Primary Deliverables:

  1. Water Quality standards formation
  2. Periodic Analysis of research studies
  3. Relevant sections of Annual Progress Report
  4. Presenting analysis and recommendations  
  5. Data reports

 The positions relate to a landmark project in Water in the Punjab Province.

All position required frequent travel between Islamabad & Lahore and Districts of Southern Punjab.

LEAD Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer