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Internal Audit and Compliance Specialist

International Development Organization
End Date: 25 Mar, 2017

Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :16 Mar, 2017

Job Summary

Internal Audit & Compliance Specialist (IACS) is responsible to oversee audit and compliance functions at Organization to ensure effective management of organizational risks. S/he will oversee the planning and implementation of regular internal and compliance audits including donor compliances, internal control assessments and fraud investigations at Organization and partner level. S/He is to ensure that proper financial and system controls are in place and are being complied with in line with Organization and donor procedures. S/he will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Organization Pakistan’s Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) and recommend counter fraud measures.




Internal Audit and Risk Management

  • Formulate the policies and procedures for “Financial Audits”, “Compliance Audits”, “Information Systems Audits”, “Operational Audits” and “Investigative Audits”. The exercise will also involve preparation of comprehensive Audit Manual
  • Carry out risk-based audit of internal control processes at Organization country office and provincial offices including income, non-grant expenditure, internal functions, information and communication, grant applications and grant awards, funds disbursement and risk assessment processes to ensure all Organization policies and procedures are being correctly adhered to and implemented. Review if internal control procedures are being complied with and identify control weakness and potential risks; recommend appropriate measures to mitigate the weaknesses/risks.
  • Perform procedures to identify/track the incidence of fraud and error; that is carry out necessary checking to ensure transactions are genuine/fair and to prevent abuse/misuse of Organization’s resources.
  • Carry out assessment of program procedures to identify if any internal control weakness arise from the implemented system and make recommendations to make the systems more robust. This involves regular visits to all Organization projects.
  • Review compliance with terms and conditions stated in the Organization/donor/partnership agreements. Review donor agreements and highlight the highest risk areas (donor requirements) and track its compliance by partners and Organization. Ensure that the agreements executed with donor agencies are strictly implemented.
  • Carry out regular internal audits and internal control assessments of partner organisations, identify control weaknesses and provide recommendations to address the gaps with regular follow ups. Review the partners external audit reports and follow up any issue raised in the audit reports.
  • Work closely with departments/partners being audited –and relevant managers to ensure that audit issues/findings are properly understood and improvement commitments are made, and, that their implementation is monitored.
  • Develop annual internal audit plan in consultation with relevant department heads. Provide quarterly updates to SMT on progress/findings/recommendations from annual audit work.
  • Coordinate the Organization Audit Committee; ensure its quarterly meetings to follow up on internal & external audit observations/action points.
  • Develop Annual Risk Matrix and update the Issue Tracker on regular basis in consultation with CD/SMT


Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM)

  • Ensure day-to-day management of the Organization CRM under the overall guidance and direction of the Country Director. This involves receiving complaints, coordinating with partner organisations and field staff, establishing investigation committees and provision of guidance to investigation committees.
  • Investigate any identified suspicions of fraud and make recommendations for appropriate management response.
  • Take appropriate measures for the prevention of fraud and elimination of conditions inducing fraudulent actions.
  • Keep CD/SMT up-to-date on the status of on-going investigations and actions taken.
  • Advise senior management on possible follow up of investigation reports/recommendations


  • Supervise the Internal Audit Officer (IAO) by providing technical guidance. Review internal audit reports prepared by IAO and suggest improvements.
  • Monitor changes in finance and tax issues relevant to staff and organisation by tracking statutory contributions and updating the organisation of any changes in relevant tax legislation as well as regular updates on international accounting standards
  • Synthesize the complaints/investigation/internal audit findings on annual basis to identify trends/themes with respect to internal control weaknesses and recommend appropriate measures to mitigate any risks.
  • Contribute in all relevant meetings involving consideration of policy/procedures formulation matters and other allied matters relating to the overall operations of the organization.
  • Maintain good communications within the team and ensure that all necessary information is shared and understood.
  • Assist in knowledge management process by providing accurate, sound and timely professional advice to in country management and Audit Committee
  • Prepare quarterly reports for the internal auditor based at head office.
  • If required, carry out Internal Audit of other countries as agreed by CD



  • CA/ACMA part qualified/qualified or equivalent
  • At least 5 years’ experience working at a senior level or in an audit function preferably with an I/NGO
  • Experience of donor regulation especially DFID, EC and USAID
  • Experience in conducting investigation in financial/fraud issues
  • Honesty, Integrity and strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently on own initiative
  • Ability to manage and coach staff
  • Willingness to travel to field sites on regular basis
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with colleagues and partners
  • Good written/verbal command over English language


  • Knowledge of development and humanitarian issues
  • Experience of Microsoft Great Plains software


Special Skills, Aptitude or Personality Requirements:    


  • Strong leadership skills with sensitivity in dealing with government authorities on critical issues
  • Strong management skills and ability to motivate others and promote accountability among staff
  • Skills in time management and prioritising
  • Ability and willingness to work as part of a multi-cultural team

Personal attributes

  • Open thinking with breadth of vision and ability to challenge the status quo.
  • Problem solver and ready to develop and train others
  • Highly motivated, energetic and enthusiastic

Key Competencies required:

  • Knowing How to Learn and Adapt.

Recognises and can use learning techniques to apply and adapt new knowledge and skills in both familiar and changing situations. Involves being aware of learning tools such as personal learning styles (visual, aural, etc.), formal learning strategies (note taking or clustering items that share some characteristics), and informal learning strategies (awareness of unidentified false assumptions that may lead to faulty conclusions).

  • Reasoning.

Discovers a rule, principle or concept underlying the relationship between two or more objects/situations and applies it in solving problems. For example, uses logic to draw conclusions from available information, extracts rules or principles from a set of objectives or written text; applies rules and principles to a new situation, or determines which conclusions are correct when given a set of facts and a set of potential outcomes.

  • Resourcefulness and Initiative.

Uses own and others experience to build on ideas and suggestions with a view to identifying new and different ways to meet agreed objectives – demonstrates an ability to ‘think outside the box’.

  • Sense of Responsibility.

Exerts a high level of effort and perseverance toward goals attainment. Works hard to become excellent at doing tasks by setting high standards, paying attention to details, working consistently, and displaying a high level of concentration even when assigned an unpleasant task. Displays high standards of attendance, punctuality, enthusiasm, vitality, and optimism in approaching and completing tasks.

  • Planning and Organisation.

Believes in own ability and maintains a positive self-confident approach to task achievement.  Demonstrates knowledge of own skills and abilities, is aware of impact on others, knows own capacity and needs and how to address them.


Organization has a staff Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from exploitation and to clarify the responsibilities of Staff, consultants, visitors to the programme and partner organization, and the standards of behaviour expected from them. In this context staff has the responsibility to the organization to strive for, and maintain, the highest standard in day to day conduct in their work place in accordance with organization’s core values and mission.

Any candidate offered a job with organization will be expected to sign the Programme participant Protection Policy and the Staff Code of Conduct as an appendix to their contract employment.

Any breach of Staff Code of Conduct or the Programme participant Protection Policy by employees during the course of their employment will result in disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal.

Counter Terrorism Policy

‘Organization receives a substantial amount of funding from external donors each year.  Increasingly donors are introducing requirements whereby future funding is conditional on organization ensuring that the names of any new employee or volunteer do not appear on terrorism lists generated by the European Union (List of person, groups and entities to which Regulation (EC No. 2580/2001 applies), the US Government (Office of Foreign Assets Control list of specially designated Nationals and Blocked Persons) and the United Nations (Consolidated List). 

‘Any offer of employment (either paid or voluntary) with organization will not be made pending a clearance check being conducted on the applicant.  For additional information please consult our web site or contact the Human Resource Division in our Head Office.

By submitting a formal application for paid or voluntary employment to Organization, you agree to Organization carrying out a clearance check as outlined above and that Organization will not proceed to recruit you should your name appear on any of the aforementioned lists.’