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General Manager Projects

Punjab Saaf Pani Company
End Date: 21 Apr, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :21 Mar, 2017


The General Manager Projects is appointed at organizational level and his/her prime responsibility is to ensure that the projects are carried out in accordance with the plan shared with the contractors. He/she is to ensure that the projects are completed as specified and on time without compromising quality.


2.1 Reports to:

  • CEO

2.2 Supervises:

  • Regional Directors, Heads of North South and Manager Design and Specifications.

2.3 Dimensions of Position:

  • The incumbent oversees the functioning of EMCs and Contractors at Organizational Level.

2.4 Membership in Committees:

  • Implementation Committee Consultant Selection Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee

2.5 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Proportion of Districts with access to quality water.
  • Number of projects on time.
  • Rural water supply customer feedback survey.
  • (Specific performance indicators are mutually agreed by incumbents and their supervisors on annual basis)


3.1 External:

  • EMCs/ Contractors
  • Local Administration

3.2 Internal:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Internal Auditor
  • Chief technical Officer
  • Disciplinary Committee


Strategic responsibility

  • Develop the department’s operational strategy in collaboration with the Strategic Management & Planning department.
  • Communicate the finalized departmental strategy and work plan specifying therein the targets and their timeline to the departmental staff.
  • Responsible for overseeing all projects and provide support and/or monitor Regional Directors in performance of their duties.
  • Act as an advisor to Chief Executive Officer and Board in project related matters.
  • Responsible to be a part of strategic decision making process in Co-ordination with Strategic department.
  • Performance Management
  • Oversee and facilitate the management in evaluating the performance of EMCs and contractor in the light of NFR (Notes for Record)/Field Diary, keeping in view recommendations from Regional Directors.
  • Provide recommendations to Consultant Selection Committee in the light of performance of the consultant.
  • Ensure all Projects related issues are properly reported and presented before the Implementation Committee within reasonable time.
  • Communicate all non-compliances to the Implementation Committee.

Other Responsibilities

  • Finalize action plans and communicate them to Regional Directors for implementation at lower level.
  • Review the NFR (Notes for Record)/Field Diary received from Regional Director.
  • Ensure that relevant progress bills have been forwarded to respective Regional Directors.
  • Analyze independent evaluation reports from Regional Directors and direct relevant course of action to be followed.
  • Prepare a detailed Gap report by consolidating the regional gap reports and communicate it to the CEO.
  • Analyze consolidated reports and documents sent by Regional Directors from their respective regions.
  • Analyze all documents from Regional Directors including periodic reports, NFR (Notes for Record)/Field Diary and technical evaluation reports.
  • Perform all duties of whistle blowing unit as specified in the whistle blowing policy