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General Manager Strategic Management and Planning

Punjab Saaf Pani Company
End Date: 21 Apr, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :21 Mar, 2017


General Manager Strategic Management & Planning will be responsible for managing and coordinating the development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of planning processes. He / she shall be responsible for the development, finalization and evaluation of the Function-wise strategies. Successful performance of this role requires thorough understanding of the business, goals and objectives of the organization with effective interpersonal skills.

2.1 Reports to:

  • CEO

2.2 Supervises:

  • Manager Corporate Communication, Manager Community Mobilization, Manager Corporate Planning

2.3 Dimensions of Position:

  • The incumbent will be responsible for robust governance and strategic direction and decision making.

2.4 Membership in Committees:

  • Disciplinary Committee

2.5 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Number of subsequent revisions made to the work plan / strategy documents.
  • (Specific performance indicators are mutually agreed by incumbents and their supervisors on annual basis)


3.1 External:

  • Agencies, Donors
  • Government authorities

3.2 Internal:

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Management


  • Identify the strategic issues, challenges and choices for PSPC as a whole and for each function individually, and provide high level strategic, planning and policy advice to CEO and the BOD.
  • Develop, direct and control the strategic and operational planning process and planning outcomes for PSPC in the short, medium and long term; and assist the CEO and the Executive Management in executing the approved strategies and aligning their processes and procedures with the agreed strategic vision.
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation strategies in line with the overall vision and mission of PSPC and establish processes at the senior management level to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Assist the Board and executive management in development of a business plan and monitor its implementation throughout the company.
  • Develop strategies for water filtration & provision and policies in line with the overall business objectives of PSPC and strategically assess the existing status of rural water supply in operational areas.
  • Co-ordinate with CFO, GMs and RDs for sustainability appraisal and business planning appraisal of sub-projects.
  • Network and scan the environment internally and externally to identify issues of strategic relevance to PSPC.
  • Finalize Function wise operational strategies and corresponding work plans in collaboration with the Departmental Heads.
  • Set accountability criteria and key performance indicators for the functional departments in line with the annual work plans.
  • Develop procedures for translating PSPC's code of conduct, mission, policies, vision, and strategic plans into operational work breakdowns.
  • Monitor progress reports of departments to ensure planned objectives are being met on time and as per instructions.
  • Develop and implement ideas for building an image of PSPC amongst community as a highly responsive, efficient and professional service organization
  • Advise the CEO in management of various strategic and operational business risks of the Company in order to accomplish key performance objectives.
  • Counsel the CEO on management of foreign advisors / consultants.
  • Provide advice to CEO and other relevant Department Heads in selection of EMCs and Community Engagement firms (NGOs).
  • Establish a system for collaborative stakeholder management comprising of relevant authorities, business partners (EMC, Contractors etc.) and local leaders in the planning and implementation.
  • Provide expert leadership to the Strategic Management and Planning department by communicating a vision and directing action towards achievement of company’s goals.
  • Maintain effective networks, enhance relationships, and advocate on behalf of PSPC with key government officials, regulators and major donors.