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Child Health Technical Advisor

End Date: 25 May, 2017

Location :Islamabad/Lahore and Karachi
Country :Pakistan
Positions :2
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :18 Apr, 2017

Relevant Experience:

At least 8 years of progessively verifiable experience in public/child health. Candidates with experience of working with international organizations and/or government will be given preference  

Job Description: (May be revised during final negotiations)

  • Participate in provincial and federal child survival working group meetings in Punjab and/or Sindh, depending on placement.

  • Identify relevant government and multilateral partner meetings/events and attend when they arise.

  • Carry out face-to-face meetings with the donor child health lead in Pakistan when in-country.

  • Participate in twice monthly calls with donor to provide updates on interactions, the content of meetings attended, and strategic recommendations and next steps for

    continued engagement with government and multilateral partners.

  • Provide support in identifying and supporting the relevant platforms, collaborations, projects, networks etc which are working on child health issues in Pakistan.

  • Undertake an assessment of the policy framework or laws related to child health in Pakistan.

  • Write a consolidated report for key meetings/conventions attended, detailing content, strategic recommendations and next steps. The report must be submitted to donor Child Health Lead on monthly basis (5th day of each month) and will serve as a deliverable to release salary and other reimbursements.

  • Perform any other duties as assigned by donor Child Health Lead related to this position. 

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