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International Development Organization
End Date: 25 Apr, 2017

Location :Multan
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :19 Apr, 2017


  • Degree holder of M.Com / MBA (Finance) or related degree in Finance.

Knowledge Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge about basic work ethics
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Time management skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to work with minimum supervision
  • Commitment towards learning and development is desirable.
  • Basic understanding about development sector 

Scope of Work

  • To assist Finance and Logistic Officer in day to day activities including scanning and printing of formats and making; collecting time sheets on monthly basis, assistance in float clearance and assist in preparing payrolls.
  • To handle bank related all finance matters including reconciliation of bank statements on monthly basis; reconciliation inventory and assets record of finance with other departments and reconciliation of financial data with supplier’s data.
  • To prepare and reconcile monthly payment record to suppliers and review the supporting documents along with payment requests and guide finance and log officer that documents are sufficient for releasing fund as per payment request.
  • To prepare vouchers and filling of those vouchers in a proper manner as per requirements.
  • To prepare withholding tax sheet and to deposit it before maturity time.
  • To maintain financial records and files as per finance requirement.
  • To assist in preparing logistic documentation, SR, RFQ, PO, GRN, GDN etc. and filing the record in logistic files as required.
  • To prepare monthly transport report on regular basis as per record and entries in vehicle log books.
  • To assist staff in prepare their leaves record sheets and update leaves record sheets on monthly basis as per record in attendance sheet.
  • To assist FLO in reviewing the OPD documents submitted by Punjab staff for further processing..


  • MS Excel training on job training
  • Organization Logistics & Finance procedure on job training
  • Auditing Skills on Job Training

Terms & Conditions

  • Intern will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs 13,000/ month
  • He / She will be entitled to 2 days sick leave and 6 annual leaves during the internship period
  • Intern will be required to work 40 hrs/week from Monday to Friday
  • Lunch will be provided without any charges during working days
  • Observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of the Organization.
  • Unless authorized by the appropriate authority, the Intern will not share any information with the media or to any institution, person, Government or any other external source which has become known to them.
  • ORGANIZATION accepts no responsibility for the medical / life insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship.  
  • ORGANIZATION is not responsible for any claims by any parties where the loss of or damage to their property, death or personal injury was caused by the actions or omission of action by the intern during his/her internship. 

Expected outcome for intern

  • He / She will learn the about office environment, ethics rules and regulations.
  • He / She will get knowledge of administrative procedures.
  • Intern will prepare a brief report highlight the key areas of learning and may make recommendation to the management to improve relevant areas.


Organization has a staff Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from exploitation and to clarify the responsibilities of Organization Staff, consultants, visitors to the programme and partner organization, and the standards of behavior expected from them. In this context staff has the responsibility to the organization to strive for, and maintain, the highest standard in day to day conduct in their work place in accordance with Organization’s core values and mission.

Any candidate offered a job with Organization will be expected to sign the Programme participant Protection Policy and the Organization Staff Code of Conduct as an appendix to their contract employment.

Any breach of Organization Staff Code of Conduct or the Programme participant Protection Policy by employees of Organization n during the course of their employment will result in disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal.

Counter Terrorism Policy

‘Organization receives a substantial amount of funding from external donors each year.  Increasingly donors are introducing requirements whereby future funding is conditional on Organization ensuring that the names of any new employee or volunteer do not appear on terrorism lists generated by the European Union (List of person, groups and entities to which Regulation (EC No. 2580/2001 applies), the US Government (Office of Foreign Assets Control list of specially designated Nationals and Blocked Persons) and the United Nations (Consolidated List). 

‘Any offer of employment (either paid or voluntary) with Organization will not be made pending a clearance check being conducted on the applicant.  For additional information please consult our web site or contact the Human Resource Division in our Head Office.


By submitting a formal application for paid or voluntary employment to Organization, you agree to Organization carrying out a clearance check as outlined above and that Organization will not proceed to recruit you should your name appear on any of the aforementioned lists.’

Post Title:                                           Intern-Finance                                    

Type/Level of Contract:                   3 months                         

Reporting to:                                     Finance & Logistic Officer     

Duty Station:                                     Multan Office