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Field Coordinator

LEAD Pakistan
End Date: 19 May, 2017

Location :Chitral
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :10 May, 2017

General Scope of Work:

The Field Coordinator is responsible for implementation of project deliverables related to leadership, capacity development and empowerment of local women councilors at district level (Chitral). The individual (preferably Female) or Male will be required to assess the overall progress, outputs and impact of project, identify bottlenecks, propose solutions, substantiate planning and identify areas of improvements at district level.


  1. Effective Coordination with project team in terms of implementing project management instructions and do necessary follow-up; collecting required information from local organizations and disseminate to Project Office  after due quality control.
  2. Assisting project team in finding a suitable project office space in Chitral.
  3. Having a key role in carrying out the Training Needs Assessment (TNA), especially in the selection of the enumerators and monitoring their work.
  4. Providing supervision in delivering the training. S/he would have to be present during all the sessions to check the quality, consistency and communicability of the training by the selected trainer.
  5. Playing a key role in selection of cause champions and their orientation.
  6. Being responsible for compiling the field reports that form an important component of the periodic reports.
  7. Ensuring the compliance of all project related guidelines by the team in their respective fields of action.
  8. Monitoring of field work and feedback to survey team and management in terms of conducting regular monitoring visits to field, keeping a tab on field targets.
  9. Rapport building with stakeholders including relevant political parties in terms of formal and informal liaison e.g. with district government, Tehsil and local councils and local notables; addressing concerns of stakeholders through immediate actions;
  10. Keeping an updated record of changes in documents, formats, guidelines, SOPs, etc.

Professional Requirements:

  1. At least 5 Years of relevant experience in project coordination with satisfactory knowhow of project management.
  2. Experience in working with NGOs/INGOs/Donor Agencies.
  3. Demonstrated ability of implementing/coordinating projects/programmes for national-level development projects.
  4. Knowledge/experience of implementing effective project management plans.
  5. Individuals with knowledge of Project Cycle Management (PCM) and members of project management associations (e.g. PMI etc.) will be given preference.
  6. Excellent report writing and presentation skills are a must.
  7. Ability to meet targets within tight deadlines.
  8. Result-oriented team player and leader.
  9. Strong oral and written English communication skills required.
  10. Sound judgment, flexibility, adaptability and cultural sensitivity.
  11. Proficiency in MS Office Suite required.
  12. Proficiency of Khawar / Chitrali language will be essentially required

Qualification Requirements:

Master's in Social Sciences preferably in Human Resource Development, Political Science, Sociology, Public Policy or related discipline from a recognized university. Experience in capacity building will be considered as an additional qualification.