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Beef Cattle Specialist - Beef Animal Safety and Quality Assurance Professional

End Date: 20 May, 2017

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :11 May, 2017

CNFA-AMD Project

US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development



Project Name

CNFA-AMD/ Project Number AID-391-C-15-00003

Consultancy Assignment

Support to beef livestock production sector

Consultant Title

Beef Cattle Specialist and Beef Animal Safety and Quality Assurance Professional

Reports to

COP and Chief Technical Advisor – AMD

Place of Performance

Lahore, Pakistan with likely travel to AMD project areas

Est. Period of Performance

120 working days July 01, 2017 thru January, 2018


Project Description

US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) activity in Pakistan is a USAID funded activity implemented by CNFA with the goal of supporting the development of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture, particularly through improving the ability of Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sectors to meet both international and domestic demand and requirements in targeted product lines in Citrus, Mango, High value/off season vegetable and livestock. AMD envisions transforming the four targeted product lines into efficient, private sector led value chains that deliver competitive products to domestic and export markets. AMD’s targeted training, matching grants, and technical assistance will leverage private sector investment and encourage innovation. Together these approaches will support upgrading, streamline supply chains, optimize profit margins, increase participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately make Pakistani mango, citrus, meat and HV/OSV more profitable and more competitive.

Background Information and objectives of Technical Assistance:

This STTA position will be based in Lahore and is open to Pakistani nationals only. The Livestock breed improvement and production specialist will provide support to the AMD team in meat product line for coordinating various project activities with public and private sector regarding FMD controlled compartments and zones as per OIE regulation, assist in implementing breed improvement initiatives, support feed lot and backgrounding activities, suggest, design and support implementation of capacity building initiatives in the meat product line, assist public/private sector through AMD in designing and implementation of SOPs in the FMD controlled compartments notified by the government of Punjab and support ISTTA for FMD PCP program. The purpose of this assignment is to to extend support to the Government of Punjab’s ‘GoPunjab’ initiative for notified FMD controlled compartments/zones for formal acceptance by the OIE, support the implementation of AMD’s breed improvement program and help build capacity of the stake holders so as to effectively enter the new export destinations. The Beef Cattle Specialist and Beef Animal Safety and Quality Assurance Professional will have a background in veterinary sciences with sound practical experience in the field of animal health, disease control, reproduction and production, designing and supporting capacity building initiatives, sound knowledge of FMD issues and relevant OIE regulations as well as government regulations, and have an excellent understanding of the Pakistani livestock value chain at various tiers. The STTA will report to the COP and Chief Technical Advisor AMD.


Assignment Scope:

This assignment requires the following specific functions:

  • Coordinate with public and private sector to support FMD control through notified FMD free compartments/zones per OIE Directives;
  • Assist in breed improvement initiatives of AMD
  • Assist with AMD feedlot & backgrounding program implementation;
  • Design and support implementation for proposed relevant trainings in meat sector;
  • Support ISTTA for FMD PCP program;
  • Assist AMD in public sector policy regulation pertaining to ‘GoPunjab’ FMD control plans;
  • Assist in activity implementation including development of concept notes, budgets, SOWs, memos etc;
  • Regularly update project related documents and provide feedback accordingly;
  • Support compilation of weekly, monthly and quarterly progress reports;
  • Willingness to frequently travel to project areas throughout Pakistan;
  • Facilitate documentation and reporting of assessments, program data, lessons learnt and best practices for internal and external sharing;
  • Any other relevant tasks assigned by the Chief Technical Advisor for implementation of the AMD Project.



    • Monthly update report of all activities conducted by the STTA including:
    • Bi-weekly Progress Reports on support provided to the Government of Punjab’s ‘GoPunjab’ initiative for notified FMD controlled compartments/zones
    • Training modules for FMD Control Compartments based on OIE Directives
    • Reports on relevant trainings conducted
    • Strategic SOPs for implementation of OIE regulations on FMD control zones notified by the Government of Punjab
    • Identification and compilation of a data bank of feedlot farms with a capacity of more than 25 animals operating in AMD field area;
    • Maintain an activity tracker for weekly/monthly/quarterly progress reports;
    • Report on other relevant tasks that may be assigned by the COP or Chief Technical Advisor


Minimum Qualification:

  • Pakistani national;
  • DVM with masters in livestock reproduction/production
  • 15-20 years of professional experience in livestock breeding and production;
  • Experience designing and implementation of capacity building activities in livestock sector;
  • Understanding of livestock value chain;
  • Experience working with public sector, international research or donor organizations will be an added advantage ;
  • Experience working on regulatory and policy development in livestock sector;


Knowledge, Skill and Ability Requirements:

  • Understanding, or prior exposure to livestock sector;
  • Ability to perform successfully as a member of multiple project-related teams;
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments
  • Strong computer literacy skills required in MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, web browsers, and email;
  • Demonstrated excellent communications and writing ability;
  • Demonstrated successful interpersonal skills;
  • Fluency in both English and Urdu required; other Pakistani languages preferred;
  • A willingness to travel throughout Pakistan;
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high quality work under pressure and deadlines.
  • Demonstrated leader ship and team building skills
  • Demonstrated ability for capacity building and knowledge transfer


Estimated Level of Effort (LoE) for the assignment:

120 work days  


Timing of the Assignment:

The STTA shall commence on or about July 01, 2017 and is expected to complete by January, 2018.

Apply By:

All qualified applicants should submit their CVs to, with the words “Beef Cattle Specialist” in the subject line.