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Consultancy Services for the Preparation of PC-1

End Date: 25 May, 2017

Location :Peshawar
Country :Pakistan
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Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :19 May, 2017

Consultancy Services for the Preparation of PC-1



The PC-1 of the Watershed Management project of Kurram Tangi Dam (KTD) project will implement multiple activities in a number of areas to provide integrated watershed management results:


1)      Remediation of environmental degradation through natural resource management measures;

2)      Improved agricultural practices integrating lessons from Mangla Dam watershed management activities;

3)      Quick employment opportunities that build work ethic and marketable labor skills involving local communities; and,

4)      Provision of social services, mini-grids and limited rural electrification using distributed generation of electricity.


Natural resource management interventions include implementation of a number of low-cost simple technology measures for example   small rock stacked structures, water-bars, armored ditch, lead out ditches at dip key points etc. that will reduce surface water runoff, soil conservation physical and vegetation, improved soil cover and infiltration rates. 

The activity will involve local communities in social forestry, rangeland management by reducing overexploitation of natural grasses through reduced livestock grazing and cultivation of indigenous tree and grass species. Local community’s livelihoods will be improved by women involvement in nursery raising and labor engagement. The project will also introduce climate-smart conservation agriculture practices on approximately 162,000 acres of agricultural land already cultivated in the Kaitu and Kurram River watersheds in Pakistan.

The KTD Watershed Management Project will be a three years activity covering 10 sub-watersheds in North Waziristan and Lower Kurram Agencies and 15 sub-watersheds in upper Kurram Agency of FATA. The activity will involve FATA secretariat line departments to prepare and implement watershed management plan for the KTD catchment areas.

Objective of the assignment:

The objective of this assistance is to help FATA Secretariat and FATA Infrastructure Program PMU along with Forestry, Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Departments in drafting PC-1s to cover watershed development work for Kaitu and Kurram River catchments in FATA.

Scope of Work /TORs

The consultant will be providing intensive technical assistance and support to the FATA Secretariat in development of the 2 PC-1s for 25 sub-watersheds and river tributaries in accordance with the deliverables as under.

The consultant will provide managerial assistance to put together the ideas of all technical teams of the FATA Secretariat and prepare a holistic project proposal covering all activities from forestry, agriculture, water supply, livestock, irrigation and infrastructure to management implementation. Broader areas that the PC-1s will:

  • Identify interventions and propose component wise implementation plan following lessons learnt from national and international watershed management activities
  • Establishment/strengthening of Project Management Unit (PMU) to implement the activities envisaged under the KTD watershed management project. It will include the management structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and manpower requirements, implementation plan, capital cost estimates, financial plan and mode of financing, annual operations & maintenance costs, project benefits and analysis, and environmental and gender analysis;
  • Propose detailed assessments, designs, scope, timeline and cost estimates for various interventions to be managed by FATA Secretariat;
  • Proposing mechanisms to develop capacities of the local communities in improving soil cover, forestry, conservation agriculture practices to increase incomes and reduce erosion;
  • Proposing tools to enhanced access to technologies, inputs and financial resources;
  • Strengthening capacities of forestry, agriculture, livestock, and irrigation departments;
  • Mechanism for building capacities of farmers in the area to diversify incomes through horticulture, agroforestry and rangeland management.
  • Propose interventions in the process to encourage private sector development in the area related to watershed management.
  • Coordinate with other FATA secretariat departments in proposing communication to avoid land and environmental degradation. 
  • Establishment of a coordination mechanism for interdepartmental information sharing and activities implementation
  • Devising and proposing mechanisms to ensure sustainability of the project taking into consideration community involvement and ownership, gender and local rights issues associated with forests, rangelands, pastures, water and irrigation infrastructure;
  • Ensuring community involvement and participatory watershed management, local youth employment through community groups and different associations;
  • Ensuring local nurseries development, livestock management, and entrepreneurship promotion for local women and youth;
  • Roadmap for formation of associations/organizations associated with water to ensure operation and maintenance of the on-farm irrigation system and water supply systems;
  • Mechanism for ensuring cost sharing from the provincial government;
  • Plan for mobilization of communities for the watershed management to cope with the fragile security situation in the area;
  • Developing mechanism for closer liaison to involve civil and military security services in the area to ensure smooth implementation of the activity;
  • Maintaining liaison with KTD project officials for information sharing and project area jurisdictions of the catchment area;

The consultant would devise an implementation plan, coordination mechanism among various departments, component wise interventions, cost estimates including share from the Government of Pakistan.

Timeframe of the Assignment:

The PC-1s will be prepared in 50 working days, latest by August 15, 2017.

Qualifications of the Consultant:

The potential candidate will be an NRM specialist having watershed management experience and designing similar projects with the government would be ideal to engage. The candidate should be aware of the administrative set up and cultural realities of the focus areas i.e. North Waziristan and Kurram Agencies.

Apply By:

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