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Consultancy ToRs to Develop Curriculum for Training of community Leaders on Social Accountability and Policy Development Focusing on MNCH and Nutrition

World Vision International - Pakistan
End Date: 19 Jul, 2017

Location :Sukkur
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :11 Jul, 2017


1. Assessment Summary


Enhancing Nutrition Services to Improve maternal and Child Health in Asia and Africa (ENRICH)

Programme Phase

First Year

Study Type

Consultant to Develop curriculum for training of community leaders on social accountability and policy development focusing on MNCH and nutrition at three Talukas/Tehsils (Rohri, Pano Aqil and Saleh Pat) of District Sukkur. And to develop implementation plan and monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups

Assessment Purpose

The main objective of this assessment is to develop curriculum for training of community leaders on social accountability and policy development focusing on MNCH and nutrition and monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups. This curriculum will help Community leaders to get engaged with government on advocacy for improved gender responsive nutrition policies and practices and policy monitoring in ENRICH Project target areas

Primary Methodologies

Mix Methodology (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Assessment Start and End Dates


Anticipated Assessment Report including implementation and monitoring plan Release Date


1.        Description of Project


World Vision aimed at contributing improved mother and child health indicators by addressing malnutrition among children and mothers. The proposed project will focus on “Strengthening Health systems” and “Improving nutrition”. Pakistan, in the pursuit of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in lagging behind particularly in MDG-4 and MDG-5 marked by 74 children die out of 1000 (IMR) and 276 mothers die out 100000 (MMR); on the contrary, it has committed itself to reduce IMR to 40/1000 and MMR to 140 by 2015, respectively. The alarming rate of IMR is directly linked with malnutrition marked by stunting rate among children is 43%, nearly 32% of the children are underweight and wasting rate in 15%. Malnutrition not only contributes to rife in child and infant mortality, it also exacerbates MMR provided that 76% of the women suffer from iodine deficiency and 39% of the women are anaemic.

The Project

World Vision keeping the dire context in view has proposed to initiate an integrated mother and child health and nutrition program in the sub-district of Sukkur district in Sindh including Saleh Pat, Pano Aqil and Rohri. The overall objective of the initiatives is to contribute to the reduction in MMR and IMR by addressing malnutrition in the targeted regions. The program will adopt a synchronized approach that includes strengthening and enhancing service delivery capacity of 43 Basic Health Units (BHU) which operate under department of health, which in turn will benefit directly 443,059 people and 455,850 indirectly. The initiative aims to improve the capacity of health management team at district and sub-district levels, build community level capacity to implement key maternal and child nutrition initiatives, influence policies and guidelines around maternal and child nutrition, improve access to and utilization of improved health and nutrition services, enhance capacity of service providers and increase consumption of nutritious food.

The initiative will be working closely with provincial, district and sub-district health authorities and with other relevant stakeholders that directly and indirectly impact on maternal and child nutrition outcomes such as department of Food, department of fisheries and livestock, civil society and the community.

Specifically, the project is trying to address the following issues;

  • Improved delivery of gender-responsive essential nutrition services for mothers, PW, newborns, & CU2
  • Increased production, consumption and utilization of nutritious foods & micronutrient supplements by mothers, PW, newborns, & CU2
  • Strengthened gender-responsive governance, policy and public engagement of MNCH in Pakistan


2.        Assessment Target Audiences (i.e., for whom is the Assessment intended?)

Target audience and respective purpose reports serves include:


  • Community leaders
  • MNCH focal person of district Sukkur
  • Nutrition focal person of district Sukkur
  • District Health Officer of district Sukkur
  • Sindh Health Sector Strategy 2012 - 2020

3.        Assessment Type

Need Assessment

4.         Purpose of Assessment and Objective


The main objective of this assessment is to develop curriculum for training of community leaders on social accountability and policy implementation focusing on MNCH & nutrition and monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups. This curriculum will help Community leaders to get engaged with government on advocacy for improved gender responsive nutrition policies and practices and policy monitoring in ENRICH Project target areas. Curriculum must include following details:


  • Conduct a desk review and assess “Sindh Health Strategy 2012- 2020” to find out development focus on MNCH & Nutrition in District Sukkur.
  • Detailed desk review/ policy monitoring of MNCH & nutrition including implementation issues at HF level.
  • Desk review should include 6 Core Health System Pillars 1) Governance 2) Financing 3) HR 4) Supplies & equipment 5) Service Delivery 6) DHIS.
  • How MNCH and nutrition is being reflected in “Sindh Health Strategy 2012- 2020”?
  • What is the process to strengthen MNCH & Nutrition at local level according to “Sindh Health Strategy 2012- 2020”?
  • Collect general information about the health facility and implementation of MNCH & nutrition services.
  • What are the MNCH & Nutrition standards at HF level as per “Sindh Health Strategy 2012- 2020”?
  • Human resources trained in nutrition and quality improvement
  • Are there quality improvement teams at health facility level? If not what can be done to ensure the teams are in place and functional.
  • Assess the different nutrition services offered to clients in the health facility
  • Determine the facility-community linkages necessary for the continuum of nutrition care beyond the health facility
  • Design a gender sensitive curriculum using social accountability approach to improve the relationship between communities and MNCH & Nutrition program departments of government in order to improve MNCH & nutrition services that impact the daily lives of children and their families in district Sukkur. 
  • Curriculum should include all social accountability tools in the context of gender responsive nutrition policies and practices i.e. understanding public policy, prepare local material & resources, citizens education & mobilization, building networks and coalitions, establish relationships and connections.
  • Social accountability module should indicate approaches of engagement of community leaders to influence policy makers from grass root – mid – national levels.
  • To identify to what extent nutrition has been integrated in quality improvement efforts in a health facility
  • Assess the availability of current nutrition guidelines, job aides, and education and communication materials that are available for service providers and clients
  • Assess the availability of key nutrition supplies in an established nutrition unit
  • Assess the availability, functionality, and maintenance of key nutrition equipment at the health facility
  • Assess the adequacy of mechanisms used to maintain a steady supply of nutrition commodities
  • Assess the key monitoring and evaluation practices in the health facility
  • Develop monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups
  • Assess availability of training curriculum developed by other partners for community leaders to influence policy and monitor MNCH services at the grassroots level,

5.        Assessment Methodology

  • Detailed desk review of Sindh Health Strategy 2012 – 2020.
  • Design of an analysis and tabulation plan of the data provided
  • Statistical analysis and processing of the raw data
  • Production of the gender sensitive draft curriculum and monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups
  • Final report incorporating feedback from WVC and WVI Pakistan, including interpreting the data, creating summary tables and graphs with key results, descriptive analysis, write-up of data collection methodology and key messages.
  • Production of a stand-alone summary and power point presentation with key messages


6.        Legal Framework

In the event that there is non-performance, defective performance or late performance due to causes beyond control and occurring without fault or negligence, including without limitation, natural disasters (such as floods, earthquakes, fire), acts of any state or government, fire explosions, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, blackout, or embargoes, neither party will be held responsible. If the consultant fails to provide the services required hereunder as a result of above listed force majored and such failure continues for a period of 10 calendar days, WVI Pakistan shall have the right to terminate this agreement without any further liability resulting from such termination. The consultants will be paid for all services satisfactorily performed and accomplished up to the date of termination as determined by WVI Pakistan.

This agreement shall be deemed terminated automatically without further liability or obligation of WVI Pakistan if the consultant, is adjudicated as bankrupt, petitions or consents to any relief under bankruptcy, reorganization, receivership, liquidation or similar arrangements or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors.

7.        Limitations

All of the data collection will be guided by World Vision Pakistan MOU with relevant government authorities; it will be consultant responsibility to ensure the get maximum understanding of limitations and constraints from World Vision Pakistan. This study has to be concluded before the June 30, 2017.

8.        Ethical Consideration:

All interaction with the beneficiaries will be only made after their consent and they will be explained purpose of the data collection, and also use of the collected information. Consultant will strictly avoid indulging into any conversation of political or religious nature, and will not use any jargons, words or gestures those can be offensive on religious, ethnic, gender, age or any other ground.  Consultant will strictly avoid any sexual advances, offers or favours to beneficiaries, neither will promise any favours to survey participants. Consultant will not guide/or instigate respondents to provide specific answers, consultants will not misinterpret survey participant inputs or distort these. Safety and security of the survey participants is of the paramount importance consultant will not act in any manner putting security & safety of the survey participant at risk. Interaction with the children will be guided by World Vision Child Protection Policy and protection protocols.

9.        Authority and Responsibility

9.1.               Team Members and Roles



Team Member


  • Development of TORs for assignment.



MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Review and Approval of the TOR

  • To review the TORs according to the protocols of the World Vision-MEER


Hiring of Consultant

Advise on TOR for national consultant and minimum competencies

MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Advertisement of the TORs.


Technical review of the consultant proposal.

MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Shortlisting of the consultants bid committee.

MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH + Logs + PM

Pre-selection interviews with shortlisted consultant Health specialist & Area Development Manager.

ADM +PM + MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Award of the contract.


Technical Supervisions Liaison and Coordination.


Briefing to the consultant on the project, process and expectation.

PM+ MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Provision of required documentation to the consultant.


MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH


Coordination of feedback on the development on tools for the assignment. 

Follow ups on the agreed plans and deliverables.

Coordination with stakeholder to organize the assignment.


Ensuring compliance to agreed standard in data collection, respondent selection and geographic coverage.  


Overall supervision of the assignment in the field.


Study Design,

Data Collection & Analysis

Submission of the technical & financial proposal and profile. 


Design tools for quantitative & qualitative data collection.

Providing detailed plan for the assignment with milestone.

Approval assignment plan and tools.


Tools pre-testing and validation.


Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection.

Data Cleaning & Analysis.

Reporting  & assignment closeout 

Draft Report on the agreed timeframe.


Coordination of World Vision feedback on the report. 

MEAL , PM & MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Response to rounds of feedback provided by World Vision Pakistan.

MEAL , PM & MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Report’s approval.

MEAL , PM & MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Processing of invoices and payment.


Final Review

To review of the deliverables, provision of feedback and approval.

PM + ADM + MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH


10.   Team Advisors

Project Manager ENRICH

MNCH Policy & Sr. Advocacy officer-ENRICH

Senior Monitoring Evaluation and Accountability Officer (MEAL)

Area Development Manager Sukkur

11.   Logistics

All of the logistics arrangement related to assignment will be the responsibility of the consultant. World Vison Pakistan field team will extend support to the consultant through providing information and guidance in arranging logistics for the assignment – however consultant will arrange these through their own resources. MEAL officer will help consultant in identification of the area and location to collect data, project manager and his/her team will facilitate consultant in organizing meetings stakeholder. Part of the budget consultant will propose all logistical costs. 

During the course of the assignment consultant in agreement with World Vision field admin staff will use field office facilities (space, furniture and internet) to execute field plan. In case of use World Vision facilities all the relevant policies, SOPs and procures will be binding.

12.   Product/Deliverables/Responsibilities

Products expects of this assignment include:

  • Assessment Design/protocol  – This has to be approved by World Vision. 
  • Final Assessment report – Report will be produced based upon the World Vision provided template.
  • Gender sensitive Curriculum for training of community leaders on social accountability and policy development focusing on MNCH and nutrition
  • Curriculum implementation and monitoring plan,
  • Power point presentation of key findings to be presented to external audience (donors, government official etc.)
  • Final data base and data tables/charts used in analysis.
  • Final set of tools used for quantitative and qualitative data collection.
  • Consultant will provide World Vision Pakistan three hard copies of final report and CD with final version of report, training material, tools, database and analysis. Assignment completion certificate will be signed after consultant will submit above mentioned documents.  

13.   Budget

The total amount will be released in 4 segments of payment, 15% mobilization advance, 15% on initial plan/tools and design level-depending on nature of consultancy, 30% upon approved draft and remaining 40% on approval deliverable. 10% of the total of the contract will be retained as a performance bond which can only be released upon the completion of work as per agreed TOR and timeline specified in the contract. This can be taken as 10% of each installment. Withholding tax of 10% will be deducted from the total amount.

14.   Documents

All outputs created/ made under this end line will be the sole property of WVP and consultant has to abstained from exercising any rights on such outputs, furthermore, the consultant shall keep the confidentiality of all information including documents provided to him OR output produced under this study and shall not disclose those to others without prior written consent from WVP. Documents which consultant will review during the research phase include:

  • Project proposal. 
  • Baseline report.
  • Performance Measurement Framework

15.   Appendices


Level of Efforts: 20 days of work.   



% of time


Inception meeting, Assessment Design  & document review 


Tools development and finalization. 


Data Collection.


Data cleaning, entry and analysis.


Curriculum for training of community leaders on social accountability and policy development focusing on MNCH and nutrition through gender lens as well as monitoring standards for quality of health and nutrition services to be used by local level advocacy groups


Preliminary findings presentation and reporting.




  • MBBS/MD, MPH and, statistics, social sciences or other related areas for other team members.
  • At least 10 years of experience in monitoring & evaluation of Health & Nutrition projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of advocacy approaches in the context of MNCH, Health & Nutrition especially community level engagement, social accountability tools and monitoring standards.
  • Understanding of government laws and policies (National/Provincials) regarding MNCH, Health & Nutrition planning and Budgeting.
  • Demonstrable understanding of gender and equity analyses


Required Skills

  • Practical experience with quantitative and qualitative research methodology.
  • Extensive experience in survey design including sampling.
  • Strong analytical, presentation and writing skill.
  • Strong documentation skills.
  • Ability to present complex information in a simple and compelling manner, and to use innovative forms of communication.



How to Apply:

Sealed proposals through Courier services are required to be submitted “TO: Procurement Committee address:3rd Floor,  Plot 33, Al Rehman Plaza G11 Markaz, Islamabad. Last date for submission of proposals is  Wednesday July 19, 2017. Consultancy title should be clearly mentioned on envelop.

Note: Tender bids received after the last date will not be accepted and final selection of the potential Consultants/Institutes will be based on technical & financial evaluation. Organization reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without assigning any reasons.

Note: The indviduals/Firms who have already submitted their proposals before they are requested to submit again.