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Consultant - Chili Value Chain Support

End Date: 20 Jul, 2017

Location :Karachi
Country :Pakistan
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Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :13 Jul, 2017

CNFA-AMD Project

US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development



Project Name

CNFA-AMD  / Project Number AID-391-C-15-00003

Consultancy Assignment

Provision of technical support to Chili Sector

Consultant Title

Consultant - Chili Value Chain Support

Reports to

Value Chain Director / Chief Technical Advisor –AMD

Place of Performance

Karachi with likely travel to production areas in Sindh



Est. Period of Performance

August 01, 2017 to April 30, 2018)


Project Description:

The U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) is a USAID funded, four year project which aims to improve the ability of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture and livestock sectors to compete in international and national markets in the four target product lines; meat, high value and off season vegetables, mangoes and citrus. AMD will act as a catalyst for development and investment in target product lines by actively promoting cooperation and coordination amongst the value chain actors and ancillary service providers. AMD’s implementation strategy is underpinned by a strictly commercial and market driven approach with a clear focus on strengthening market access for its partner organizations, and support marketing and sales efforts, both nationally and internationally. The objective of the AMD project is to encourage investments in the four target product lines through matching grants and empower stakeholders by developing synergies among them to accomplish together what they cannot do alone. AMD will support upgrading, streamline supply chains, optimize profit margins, increase participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately help make Pakistani meat, high value and off season vegetables, mangoes and citrus more profitable and more competitive.


Background Information:

The dried chili industry in Pakistan has previously been one of the major success stories for smallholders in semi-arid areas under low-tech irrigation. However, during the past 10 years, with the enforcement of food safety regulations in international markets has limited the exports of Pakistani dried chilies due to the presence of aflatoxins caused by Aspergillus infection and the subsequent poisonous fungal metabolites generally called aflatoxins[1]. Clean drying over geotextile sheets raised above the ground provides part, but not all, of the solution. Production of chilies in Pakistan has dropped from 188k MTs in 2009-10 to less than 50k MTs in 2011-12, mainly due to aflatoxin infestation, impacting the entire value chain. To provide an alternative market and confront the issue of aflatoxin in chilies and other horticulture products produced in Pakistan, AMD proposes to mobilize private sector investment in the commercial extraction of oleoresins from fresh products with a critical focus on chilies. An excellent solution to overcoming the issue of chili aflatoxins prevalent in Pakistan is opting for chili oleoresin production, which not only appreciably reduces the chances of aflatoxin infection but also standardizes the product, giving rise to opportunities for entering more lucrative international markets. The extract occupies lesser space and hence reduces the cost of transport. Commercial red pepper oleoresins are mainly used as a spice and supplied in pungency ratings between 80,000 and 500,000 Scoville units (approximately 0.6-3.9 % capsaicin w/w) and a wide range of color[2].

In order to equip the Pakistani Chili industry and provide an alternate viable business solution, AMD is considering supporting the investors in establishing oleoresin extraction plant to  streamline the supply chain, optimize profit margins, increase participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately make Pakistani HV OSV sector more profitable and more competitive.

AMD plans to support the chili exports through private sector engagement by supporting the establishment of a modern processing plant for oleoresin extraction, certified seed and nursery production through matching grants. The overarching objective is to spur private sector investment in best practices and new value addition technology, further linking them with the local and international high end markets to offset imports, create new exports, increase profit margins and provide an alternative market for farmers. AMD will link the extraction plant, seed production and nursery with chili growers, associations and their members to ensure sustainable supply. Further, AMD will provide trainings in exposure to contract farming alternatives and good agricultural practices.


Objective of the Technical Assistance

The main objective of the assignment is to provide the support to USAID AMD project to equip the Pakistani Chili industry and provide an alternate viable business solution. AMD is considering supporting the investors in establishing seed processing units and Chilies nurseries. The consultant is proposed to support the technical team of AMD project by managing and supervision of onsite vocational trainings on chilies in respect to better nursery production practices, better crop stand, seed processing and handling, food safety measures, value addition like Chili drying, oleoresins etc


Assignment Scope:

The STTAs tasks will include but not be limited to:

  1. Oversee the technical and operational aspects of training programs in the Chili intervention area.
  2. Develop and implement appropriate strategies / approaches to facilitate and support program beneficiaries to implement good agricultural protocols in the chili sector.
  3. To help, coordinate and support the farmers, processors and other stake holders for developing strong linkages, leading to development of consistent and reliable supply chain.  
  4. To assist/support and organize the visits of international consultant for chilies and provide technical support on production, processing and marketing scenario of Pakistan.
  5. Provision of support for onsite delivery of machinery, tools and equipment and in turn proper documentation of the grants articles / items along with their branding.
  6. Facilitate the provision of AMD supported trainings in the sector.
  7. Provide support and assistance in the organization and implementation of AMD supported events and meetings related to the chili sector.
  8. Support the AMD team for arranging field events, their tasks assigned by the COP, CTO or Director Value Chain related to designing, execution and implementation of interventions in the chili sector including production, processing and marketing.



  1. Develop a detailed work plan for execution of assignment in consultation with Director Value Chain.
  2. Report on technical and operational aspects of training programs or grant execution in the chili intervention area.
  3. Implement and report on strategies / approaches to facilitate and support chili sector beneficiaries.
  4. Assist the project’s team for design and specifications for the tools and equipment to be used in chili crop management and value addition.
  5. Manage and organize field visits, meeting and trainings of international consultant in chili sector and provide technical support on production, processing and marketing conditions of Pakistan
  6. Develop a contact list of factories/ processors/progressive farmers to facilitate the small farmers of Chilies clusters to link with factories / processors for the marketing / sale of chili crop and its value added products.
  7. Final report on covering all the aspects and ToRs of STTA using the AMD template within the last week of the assignment.

a-    Record meeting minutes, pictures and field visit reports as annexure of final report;

b-    Report on all work assigned by the Director Value Chain in respect to improvement of chili sector.


Estimated level of effort (LOE) for the assignment:

120 Days (detail given below) including background review, discussions with AMD staff, and travel to Project sites in Pakistan.

Timing of the Assignment:

The consultants will commence working on the assignment on or about August 1, 2017 and will complete the assignment by April 30, 2018.


The consultants should have:

  • An advanced degree in the field of Agriculture;
  • Extensive experience of having worked with commercial Chili growers and processors and other stakeholders of the value chain.
  • Sound knowledge of good practices in chili production and aflatoxin control;
  • Prior experience of working at senior level consulting assignments with USAID or donor funded projects in Pakistan with a focus on development of the agribusiness value chain using an integrated supply chain approach, will be an advantage;
  • Excellent computer skills, particularly Word, Excel and Power Point.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team;
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills; and
  • Documented excellent writing skills in English
  • Oral fluency in English.
  • Knowledge of local languages will be an added advantage.


[1] Quantitative estimation of aflatoxin chilies, rice, dry fruits and study of factors associated with aflatoxin production. Grain quality testing laboratory report, Southern Zone Agricultural Research Center, PARC. 2012.

[2] PAPRIKA EXTRACT Chemical and Technical Assessment (CTA), FAO.

Apply By:

All qualified applicants should send their CVs to with the position title in subject line “Consultant - Chili Value Chain Support”