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Security Manager

Pakistan Red Crescent
End Date: 15 Aug, 2017

Experience:10 to 35 years
Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Age:30 to 50 years
Start Date :28 Jul, 2017

Organization Vision

Saving Lives, Uniting people, and changing minds for healthy, safe and resilient communities

Organization Mission

Leading humanitarian organization of Pakistan, committed to prevent and alleviate human suffering by mobilizing the power of humanity through volunteers

The Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement

*Humanity   *Impartiality     *Neutrality      *Independence    *Volunteer Service       *Unity     *Universality

Position Objectives:

To ensure development, establishment and maintenance of effective Safety and Security Framework for the PRCS staff, volunteers and operations throughout the country.

Specific Duties, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities:

  • To perform as a safety and security focal person for Pakistan Red Crescent
  • Constantly monitor and analyze the security and safety situation of the country and compile regular reports for senior management of PRCS.
  • Establish an effective Safety and Security Framework for Pakistan Red Crescent staff, volunteers and Operations in the country.
  • Develop, review and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Polices in terms of Safety and Security, field movement control and access control measures for PRCS Staff, volunteers and operations.
  • Develop Critical Incident Management (CIM) Procedures and other Safety and Security contingency plans for PRCS staff/volunteers and operations at NHQ, PHQ and district levels.
  • Ensure that all Safety and Security procedures, protocols and policies are followed by all PRCS Staff and volunteers.
  • Develop and Maintain constant liaison and coordination with government relevant agencies, police, army and district authorities to obtain related information.
  • Develop and maintain constant liaison of Security Focal Persons of other humanitarian organizations (IFRC, ICRC, UN, INGOs) for information sharing and coordination.
  • Remain part of the relevant meetings organized by Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) and UNDSS regularly.
  • Monitor Radio Room operations at PRCS NHQ and work towards making PRCS Radio Room more effective.
  • Ensure CCTV Network at PRCS NHQ remains operational and effective.
  • Ensure adequate and effective security measures are at place at PRCS NHQ premises and at PRCS NHQ Warehouses at various locations.
  • Monitor Out Sourced Guarding services at PRCS NHQ along with IFRC Security Focal Person.
  • Conduct periodic visits of PRCS NHQ Warehouses at different locations.
  • Ensure Fire Emergency Procedures are in place and known to all staff for PRCS NHQ and PHQ premises.
  • Ensure Fire Emergency Equipment is installed, functional and tested on regular basis at PRCS NHQ and PHQ premises. 
  • Ensure adequate security measures are in place for visiting delegations from different partner national societies, stakeholders, donors and corporate partners as appropriate.
  • Plan and carryout safety and security awareness sessions for PRCS NHQ, PHQ and District branch staff from time to time.
  • Work closely with IFRC Security Focal Person and act as counterpart from PRCS NHQ on safety and security related matters.
  • In case of emergencies and scale up of operations ensure safety and security measures remain in place and relevant policies and procedures are followed.
  • Support IFRC and PNS’s in carrying out relevant assessments of current and new operational areas of PRCS and establish coordination mechanisms with government authorities.  
  • Any Other task assigned by PRCS Management.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills





In Good Physical and Mental Health



Education/ Qualifications

Masters in Social Sciences/Management or Related Field  , Maximum Age limit upto 50 Years



Relevant Security Trainings





10 Years of experience in safety and security management.



Defense Services (Retired) personnel upto the rank of Major/Equivalent(Fighting Arms) , Police and Rangers shall be preferred



Strong experience in contingency planning while working with humanitarian agency.



Strong experience in critical incident management.





Having excellent skills in communication and team work. 



Excellent report writing and analytical skills.



Ability to handle sensitive and confidential issues and information.



Ability to work in multi-cultural environment.



Ability to use computers easily (Word Processing, Spread sheets, Power Point and Email)



Ability to conduct trainings, workshops, awareness sessions and briefings on security.





Respect and act in line with Pakistan Red Crescent values and competencies.

The values of Pakistan Red Crescent are built on the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Fundamental Principles, respect for diversity, and integrity in all we do.

We expect our staff to be accountable, placing primary focus on building relations, having the technical skills to get results and working effectively in teams sharing knowledge and best practices through good communication skills.

Management competencies are also required for this position. Managers provide vision and direction, represent the organization and manage performance to achieve our goals and build the organization.