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Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
End Date: 28 Sep, 2017

Experience:1 to 2 years
Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :28 Aug, 2017

Experience:       At least 1-2 years of relevant experience

Qualification:      Bachelors/ Masters in Biostatistics or any relevant degree

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for development / conduct of analysis framework of institutional Review Board (IRB) approved studies in coordination with principal investigator /co-investigators and sponsor.
  • Responsible to assure accuracy and timelines of data for statistical input into reports or decision, statistical tables and data listings, report text, and statistical analyses.
  • Assists in the implementation of protocol methodology and statistical analysis plans.
  • Responsible for the accuracy and timelines of statistical input into reports or decisions.
  • Assists in the development of alternative analysis strategies when changes to planned analysis are needed.
  • Responsible for accuracy of statistical tables and data listings, and accuracy of report text.
  • Working knowledge of SPSS, STATA, End Note, JPS, Turnitin, Experimental designs, descriptive and inferential statistics.

Working knowledge / awareness of Joint Commission International & ISO standards will be an added advantage.