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Marketing Specialist

Indus Heritage Trust - Project RANG
End Date: 06 Oct, 2017

Experience:2 to 5 years
Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :27 Sep, 2017

To understand the Indus Heritage Trust`s vision and be responsible for the marketing of all product lines developed under RANG as well as pursuing linkages with corporate and other buyers for such purposes.

To work with the Project Management Team and Design Studio to assess and implement RANGs marketing requirements.

Undertake a comprehensive market analysis to study existing market segments for the design of specific product lines responding to each segment. In particular, develop an understanding of the low, medium and high end markets that will result in the development of category A, B and C product lines to facilitate enhancement of artisan incomes.

Reporting to the Project Manager, work in close consultation with the RANG Marketing Consultants to provide guidance on the development of the Three Year Marketing Plan which will take into account setting up of a Marketing Operation and finalizing a Marketing Strategy based on RANGs market segmentation and product segmentation.

Work with the RANG Marketing Consultant to:

  1. Create a Marketing Plan that takes into account the entire marketing mix (product, price, positioning, promotion, merchandising and placement/distribution) to maximize the benefit to the artisan;
  2. Set up a Marketing Operation with services available for outsourcing/collaborations to, to implement the Marketing Plan at the local, national, regional and international levels so as to maximize market reach for the artisan’s produce;
  3. Create a Marketing Calendar for annual and periodic events and activities over 3 years;
  4. Create promotional materials/services and facilitate translations if required;
  5.  Accumulate market intelligence and statistical data.

Remain vigilant and provide oversight to the RANG Marketing Firm to ensure that the IHT vision and mission remains uncompromised through all marketing related efforts.

Liaise with external consultants/services as required for marketing and promotion.

Work out a complete supply chain process, production process and distribution process to facilitate and leverage the marketing and sales of RANG product lines.

Required Profile:

A Master degree in disciplines such as Business Management, Marketing, Economics, Communications or Development Management with at least two years of work experience in the field of business or working for an NGO.

Proven track record of at least two years in the field of commerce, NGOs or micro enterprise development by working directly with market dynamics and communications.

The Marketing Officer will need to demonstrate a high level of written and oral communications skills in English and Urdu.

Proficiency in using computer applications (word processing, spread-sheet, presentations, project planning, e-mail, graphics, social media networking etc.)