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General Systems Manager (GSM)

End Date: 09 Oct, 2017

Location :Islamabad (with travel to the field)
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :02 Oct, 2017

Contract Length: Regular

Exact Job Location: Islamabad, Organization (with travel to the field)

Reports To:  Country Director                              

Responsible For: Human Resources Coordinator, Logistics & Administration Coordinator, ICT Coordinator.

Liaises With:  Programme Directors, Country Financial Controller, Programme Managers; Field Administration & Logistics Officers, Key systems support staff in Dublin, Government officials and departments in Organization as relevant, Legal Advisor.

Job Purpose:  The General Systems Manager will be responsible for the overall management of Organization Organization’s support functions, which comprises administration, HR, IT and logistics including procurement, warehousing, and fleet management. GSM will ensure appropriate systems are in place to meet program needs, while ensuring the effective and efficient use of Organization’s resources.  As a member of the Country Management Team, GSM will provide strategic direction to Organization. General Systems Manager will also supervise security management in country.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure that key Organization support policies (Procurement and Logistics, Transport, HR, IT, SMP) are continuously updated as required  and appropriate to the Organization context
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of and comply with Organization’s policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the logistics function of Organization is strengthened to adequately support programmes in all aspects of logistics including but not limited to procurement, storage and stock management, transport and facilitation of services.
  • Ensure effective and efficient HR management and support Programme Directors/ Managers in resource planning for new projects including logistics, HR and administration.
  • Ensure appropriate IT support for the programme.
  • Ensure Security Management Plan is updated and SOPs rolled out throughout the programme.
  • Together with CMT ensure implementation of 4Ps policy across the Organization programme.
  • Liaise with other INGOs, legal advisor, and other relevant stakeholders for effective coordination and implementation of logistics, HR and administration.
  • Responsible for assuring Organization is compliant with local legislation, rules and regulations in terms of visas, and labour law

Country Management:

  • Participate in the management of the country programme’s strategic issues through involvement in decision making in the CMT
  • Participate in the development of Organization Organization’s Country Strategic Plan (CSP) and other strategic frameworks, etc.  in collaboration with all relevant staff and third parties as necessary.
  • Support the Programme Director and Country Director in the analysis of potential new programme areas, including ensuring comprehensive analyses of logistical and security issues and appropriate mitigating measures to address them.
  • Produce strategic analysis and plans for all systems support areas to strengthen the control environment while delivering fast, effective and efficient support to the programmes.
  • Take a lead role in ensuring that Organization adhere to international minimum standards of accountability and quality, through the application of relevant standards and internal documents relating to policies and procedures, most notably the P4 and Code of Conduct, the CRM and CHS.

Security Management and Representation:

  • In conjunction with the Country Director, take overall responsibility for the security of Organization Organization’s employees, premises and equipment.
  • Act as Security Focal Point for Organization and liaise with Security Focal Group (SFG) from each field office through Programme Manager (PM), the UNDSS, PHF and other NGO security personnel, etc.
  • Support Security Focal Groups in each location, ensure they have the knowledge and information to operate successfully, and ensure that all security incidents are reported on time.
  • Coordinate the review, updating and implementation of the Organization Security Management Plan.
  • Monitor implementation of security operational plans and strategies and ensure all new staff receives thorough security briefings.
  • Monitor the country context, develop and submit security SitReps as necessary.

Management of Systems/ Support Functions:

Human Resources

  • Ensure Human Resources policy and procedures are in place, and kept up to date, incorporating best HR practice, in line with Organization organizational policy and following Organization labour legislation.
  • Lead the country team in rolling out the approved Human Resources Manual, including provision of briefings to staff and new recruits at induction
  • Provide technical support and on-going on-the-job training and coaching to staff
  • Ensure that all positions have accurate job descriptions and staff contracts continue to be compliant with labour law and represent best practise
  • Ensure effective performance review and development through the use of the PDR system for direct reports, and in supporting teams in its use across the country programme
  • Provide support to the HR Coordinator including advice and guidance for International Staff, ensuring any issues that arise are dealt with in accordance with Organization HR Policy and the National and International Staff Manuals.
  • In collaboration with the PD, ensure the effective implementation of HR related HAP standard commitments.
  • Uphold organisational values and comply with the Programme Participant Protection Policy
  • Promote an attractive working environment based on equality, caring attitudes, and integrity where staff feel safe, valued and respected.


  • Oversee the maintenance and running of Organization’s premises (offices, stores and residences) ensuring that adequate supplies, staffing and support systems are in place.
  • Ensure the leases for all premises are pro-actively managed and monitored.
  • Take the lead on managing legal risks, ensuring compliance with relevant Organization law in all contractual matters, liaising with the Organization lawyer on all legal matters to ensure legal actions or court cases are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Ensure that all issues related to government authorisations (homologation certificates, legal registration, etc.) are managed proactively
  • Ensure compliance with relevant Organization legal framework in all contractual, financial, labour matters.
  • Ensure that clear procedures for national and international travel arrangements, including visas and residency permits for international staff are in place and are understood and complied with by all staff.

ICT Systems Support & Communications

  • Ensure Organization’s IT policy and procedures are in place and adhered to.
  • Through the ICT Coordinator, ensure provision of effective support enabling the smooth operation of ICT systems, and ensure that communication needs of all staff are met on a timely basis.
  • Develop staff capacity to operate and manage IT systems in all offices. 


  • Ensure that logistics systems including procurement (local and international), transportation, warehouse storage, control of and reporting on the use of supplies are carried out in a transparent and accountable manner in line with the organisational policies, accordance with Organization and Donor procedures and policies, ensuring value for money for the organisation and compliance with donor requirements.
  • Support the team in rolling out the Logistics Manual, including training and follow-on support to all departments ensuring programme management are compliant with organisational procedure and hence donor regulations .
  • Supervise fleet management across the country, including monitoring of transport reports and vehicles maintenance plans.
  • Act as main liaison for international procurement with logistics in HQ, monitor and ensure follow up on process in efficient and timely manner.

Financial Management:

  • Ensure that annual support cost budgets (and budget revisions) are complete, realistic and comply with relevant Organization and donor requirements
  • Support the programme team in the preparation of proposals, ensuring in particular that proposal budgets include complete and realistic support costs.
  • Monitor the budgets, cash forecasts, and spending and provide advice to the relevant staff, so as to try to ensure that the budget line is being followed.


  • Actively participate in any emergency response if necessary.
  • Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Country Director.


Education, Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Minimum educational qualification of Masters in Business/Public Administration or related discipline is essential. In case of experienced staff at least Master’s degree. 
  • At least 5 years progressively responsible professional work experience in a managerial position within an international development organisation/NGO.
  • Excellent knowledge and proven experience of implementing Administration, Logistics, Human Resources and IT systems within the not for profit sector.
  • Experience of managing a large team of Mid-level staff.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making skills.
  • Good English Language (both written and spoken)
  • Information Technology (MS Office, Internet).

Education, Qualifications & Experience Desirable:

  • Previous experience in a similar capacity
  • Knowledge of Organization policies, procedures and standards.

Special Skills, Aptitude or Personality Requirements:


  • Confident and capable negotiator, communicator and networker
  • Empathy with Organization’s vision, mission, goal and objectives.
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills. Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Willingness to travel frequently to rural field locations and spend periods of time away from the capital and experience fairly basic conditions.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong management skills
  • Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Training / capacity building skills.
  • Demonstrated experience of team building and working in a participatory manner.
  • Proven organisation, planning and management skills.
  • Ability to work on own initiative.
  • Flexible and adaptable approach to working in a changing environment.
  • Ability to work under pressure with numerous deadlines, and priorities.


  • Familiarity with Organization

Organization Staff Code Of Conduct And Programme Participant Protection Policy

Organization has a staff Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from exploitation and to clarify the responsibilities of Organization Staff, consultants, visitors to the programme and partner organizations; and the standards of behaviour expected from them. In this context staff have the responsibility to the organization to strive for, and maintain, the highest standard in day to day conduct in their work place in accordance with Organization’s core values and mission.

Any candidate offered a job with Organization will be expected to sign the Programme Participant Protection Policy and the Organization Staff Code of Conduct as an appendix to their contract employment.

Any breach of Organization Staff Code of Conduct or the Programme Participant Protection Policy by employees of Organization during the course of their employment will result in disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal.

Counter Terrorism Policy

Organization receives a substantial amount of funding from external donors each year.  Increasingly donors are introducing requirements whereby future funding is conditional on Organization ensuring that the names of any new employee or volunteer do not appear on terrorism lists generated by the European Union (List of person, groups and entities to which Regulation (EC No. 2580/2001 applies), the US Government (Office of Foreign Assets Control list of specially designated Nationals and Blocked Persons) and the United Nations (Consolidated List). 

‘Any offer of employment (either paid or voluntary) with Organization will not be made pending a clearance check being conducted on the applicant.  For additional information please consult our web site or contact the Human Resource Division in our Head Office.

By submitting a formal application for paid or voluntary employment to Organization, you agree to Organization carrying out a clearance check as outlined above and that Organization will not proceed to recruit you should your name appear on any of the aforementioned lists.'