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End Date: 17 Feb, 2018

Location :Gilgit Baltistan
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :07 Feb, 2018


CABI holds unique potential in IPM, SPS and overall plant health improvement which positions CABI unique as compared to related international agricultural organizations. CABI is implementing a Phytosanitary Risk Management Program in Pakistan.  The program includes a component of biocontrol of pests of papaya, apple and other fruits.  In GB, the biocontrol activities focus on fruit fly and mealybug.

The selected candidate for this position would be responsible for implementation of project plans in GB under guidance of Project Manager and Project Scientists and with the support of a team of junior staff and local project collaborators.

Job Profile

Job Title: Entomologist


Salary: 45,000-55,000 Gorss

Reporting: Project Manager

Key peer group: Project Scientists, Project Manager and Regional Director

Location: Gilgit Baltistan


  1. Work under the guidance of Project Scientists and Project Manager.
  2. Maintain good working relationships with government and private sector project partners / stakeholders.
  3. Conduct basic studies of biology and ecology of biocontrol agents.
  4. Establishment and maintenance of biocontrol laboratory in GB.
  5. Implementation of rearing of biocontrol agents in laboratory in GB.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of NEFR in field sites of the project.
  7. Implementation of rearing and release of biocontrol agents in field sites of the project.
  8. Develop monitoring protocols for the laboratory and field performance and results of biocontrol agents.
  9. Collect quantitative data on impact of natural enemies in controlling pests of fruits.
  10. Write progress reports; develop brochures, and present scientific publications.
  11. Organize and conduct meetings, workshops, seminars, visits, and briefings.
  12. Any other assignments required for satisfactory completion of the key role requirements.


Education: Candidates should have 16 years Master of Science degree in Entomology from an HEC recognized university.  Knowledge of biocontrol of pests of apple is prerequisite.

Experience: Relevant work experience is required.  Candidates would have enough orientation of rearing and release of biocontrol agents in laboratory and under field conditions.

Person Specification: Applicant for this role needs to be honest, dedicated, social, motivated, disciplined, and self-organized to deliver quality work at prescribed deadlines.

Language Skills: Regional languages of Gilgit Baltistan, Urdu, and English

Domicile: Local Candidates will be give preference. 

How to Apply:

Candidates are invited to submit their application CV to the Manager HR, at email by 17 February 2018. Please write the position applied in the subject line of email.