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Startup Founder / Entrepreneurs Incubation Centre

End Date: 16 Mar, 2018

Location :Swabi
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :16 Feb, 2018

GIK is seeking talented Founder’s and / or Technology leads to launch their startups by applying into our incubation program.

  • You bring your technology prototype or idea - and then we help you in launching it as a business.
  • To support you in your effort - we offer a stipend of Rs 25000/- for up to three co-founders who become resident on our campus.
  • You and your co-founders will have full access to all of our high tech labs for your testing and production needs for your prototype.
  • We fund you and your co-founders for up to 1 year with progress reviewed every 4 months.  
  • You have access to top notch professors and business mentors who can guide you on your project (based on mutual interest and time availability of the professors).
  • You will have a continuous stream of opportunities to present your product to investors and grants donors.
  • And you’ll have full access to all of our other University facilities – including gym, library, swimming pool and buses that commute between the GIK campus and Islamabad/Peshawar for free on the weekends.
  • Leading your company, you will be responsible for all the decisions which impact your company’s future including investment, product and sales strategy.
Educational Requirements:

With (almost) everything covered - are you ready to make your impact on Pakistan and the world?

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Apply at the link provided or for more information about our program, please visit the GIKI website.

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