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Female Facilitators

End Date: 17 Apr, 2018

Location :Bara
Country :Pakistan
Positions :2
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Salary :Payment for 13 days activity PKR 91,000/-  
Start Date :13 Apr, 2018

Terms of Reference of Female Facilitators to support the FSP Bara team in activity in Bara, Khyber Agency



1)     Programme Information

Programme: FATA Secretariat Program

Activity: “Poetry, Art, and Fun Activities for Female Students of Tehsil Bara”



2)      Background: (Attach background documents, if necessary)


The activity seeks to increase female participation in socio-cultural events by organizing poetry, art, and games. Students to participate in poetry recitals and art displays, and will provide them a platform to present their talent before other students, teachers, and guests. Providing entertainment to the students would help create a more conducive social environment and to help the youth as they return to routine academic learning environments. FSP is hiring 2 female facilitators (preferably local) for 13 days to support the team for successful completion the activity.


Duty Station:      Bara, Khyber Agency



3)       Major tasks to be accomplished:

The female facilitator will be responsible to accomplish the following major tasks;

  • The facilitators will be responsible for all necessary arrangements (come on part of FSP other than vendors responsibilities) and to support the vendor/ performer/magicians during activity in arrangement at various venues.
  • Maintain attendance sheets of the students, teachers etc during activities ( Magic shows , Poetry Recitation, Art Display, and Fun Activities ( balloon bursting , spoon race , Sack race ).
  • Ensuring displaying of sketches in painting / art competition on green board.
  • Ensuring distribution of trophies among winners in fun competition. 
  • Distribution of lunch boxes ( refreshment)
  • Take photographs of the training event with due permission of teachers and students.
  • Displaying of banners according to venue.
  • Daily activity’s completion report.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.



4)     Deliverables:

  • Daily attendance  and receiving sheets
  • Photo graphs (if possible)
  • Balloons, spoons, ping pong balls, sacks, trophies and green board



5)     Time-Frame:           Total duration: 13 days each ( excluding week-ends and 1st May)

Start Date:          Apr 24th, 2018

 End Date:          May 11th, 2018  



6)     Payment for 13 days activity /-PKR 91000



7)      Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:


  •  Preferably Local female. In case of unavailability of local female, female facilitator may be hired from settled area.
  • Pashto language is necessary
  • At least BA / BSc or above.
  • Satisfactory Computer skills.
  • Experience will be preferred.



For transportation they will be facilitated by FSP.



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