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Business Adviser

Market Development Facility (MDF)-Palladium Pakistan Pvt Ltd
End Date: 19 May, 2018

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :08 May, 2018

The Market Development Facility (MDF), an Australian Government funded initiative, aims to:

  • Create additional employment and income earning opportunities for poor women and men through broad- based and sustainable pro-poor growth;
  • Improving the competitiveness and growth potential of rural and urban sectors of the economy in which the poor are involved as producers and workers;
  • Trigger lasting, 'systemic' changes in the markets systems around these sectors to reduce constraints to growth and to increase their capacity to innovate and deal with competitive, regulatory, social and environmental pressures, so that the benefits for the poor will sustain and expand in time.

The Facility is committed to implementing a systems approach to stimulating pro-poor growth:

  • Rather than working with the poor directly, the Facility will seek to develop partnerships with players in the private and public sector with the ability and leverage to trigger lasting systemic changes that create broad-based, sustainable pro-poor growth.
  • With each partner, the Facility will design and negotiate detailed action plans, which include clear financial and resource commitments, to arrive at appropriate, innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Sector players take the lead in implementing and the Facility's role is limited and short-term.

MDF is a multi-country facility, currently operational in Fiji, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste. Each country has its own Country Team (CT) on the ground. A Core Leadership Team (CLT), led by the Chief Executive Officer, works across all MDF partner countries to ensure uniformity and integration of approach and systems across countries. MDF can be scaled up to support further market development activities in-country and activities in additional countries as needed.

Key Responsibilities:

The purpose of this job is to design and manage interventions with a large variety of strategic private and public players in the economy to stimulate innovate practices that unlock the growth

Potential of (sectors within) the economy and create additional jobs and income earning opportunities for the poor and the underprivileged.   

Results measurement is an integral part of the scope of work of the Business Adviser.

 A. Essential functions and responsibilities:

  • Perform economic analyses of key sectors of the economy, in a qualitative and quantitative manner, and develop a 'deep' understanding of their functioning. 
  • Identify potential for pro-poor growth, constraints to growth and innovative solutions and opportunities to unlock this growth potential, making enterprises more competitive and creating job and income earning opportunities for the poor and underprivileged. 
  • Develop medium-term growth strategies for sectors. 
  • Assess the technical and economic feasibility of business plans from potential partners and/or in close interaction with business partners, develop such plans. 
  • Communicate with, negotiate with and develop partnerships with a large variety of strategic private and public players in these (potential) growth sectors to introduce innovation and unlock the pro-poor growth potential. 
  • Understanding the systems approach to development and design and manage interventions in line with its principles. 
  • Be extensively involved in research activities to assess the performance of MDF’s investment portfolio and its impact on the Pakistani economy and society. 
  • Understanding the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) guidelines for results measurement in order to be able to conduct results measurement in line with these guidelines. 
  • Contribute to maintaining a results measurement system in line with DCED guidelines and collaborate with the Quality and Inclusion and Communications Manager and the Quality and Inclusion Specialist (CT) for effective results measurement. 
  • Develop intervention plans and, in collaboration with the Quality and Inclusion Specialist (CT), develop results chains and measurement plans for each intervention and sector in which the Facility is active, and execute those plans in collaboration with the Quality and Inclusion Specialist (CT), applying good research practice. 
  • Travel extensively to develop a deep insight in the economy, meet the players and potential partners, and verify whether the interventions designed achieve their objectives. 
  • Work in a flexible, professional, business-friendly manner, driven by a wish to create real collaboration, real changes and real results, and be a team player. 
  • Be self-critical about the sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency of the results achieved and willing to learn from them. 
  • Be sensitive to gender equality and actively search for opportunities for women to participate in economic growth. 
  • Be sensitive to the obstacles faced by persons with a disability and actively search for opportunities for such persons to participate in economic growth, to the extent possible. 
  • Actively promote environmentally and socially responsible business practices and avoid promoting business practices that are not sustainable from an environmental or social point of view. 
  • For all interventions, actively avoid doing harm as per the Environmental Checklist.
  • Serve as a representative of the Market Development Facility, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and discretion in all interactions with other Facility employees, partners and the wider public. 

B. Other duties and responsibilities:

The incumbent may at times be required to perform duties that are beyond the scope of the job profile given above. This includes matters related to the Facility as a whole, such as staff development, representation and recruitment.  

Also, given the professional and flexible nature of the Facility, staff can be asked to contribute short-term to other Country Teams if the need arises. Such activities will be taken into consideration in assessing performance under the job profile defined above.

 C. Allocation of workresponsibilities:

This position is one among a number of similar positions in the Pakistan Country Team. Workloads between sectors, interventions and between implementation and results measurement will invariably vary. To preserve the professional nature of the organization and to be able to work in an efficient and flexible manner, responding to partner speeds and needs, responsibilities and work allocation will be defined on an activity-by-activity basis by the Country Director (or his/her delegate) and can change in time. This will encourage good performance and also define areas for further development.

  D. Fiscal Responsibility:

Budgeting responsibilities, approval privileges on purchase orders and disbursement requests, as well as reporting and auditing functions remain with the Facility management. 

E. Extent of publiccontact and marketing:

The position, as part of the job description, requires contact with potential partners in the selected sectors. These exchanges should be limited to information sharing except in cases where the Country Director (or his/her delegate) has delegated authority to negotiate on joint activities. The position should not reach agreements with programmatic and budgetary implications without the permission of the Country Director (or his/her delegate).

Physical demands:

Fieldwork plays a large part in the activities of the Facility. Therefore, it is expected that the incumbent be willing and able to take part in such activities. 

G. Working Conditions and Environment:

This will be according to the MDF Operations Manual.   

H. Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Essential requirements:   

  • At a minimum, a Master’s degree in agricultural science, agricultural economics, business, economics, or a related discipline 
  • Very strong analytical skills including the ability to design and execute qualitative and quantitative research projects 
  • Ability to communicate, negotiate and develop good working relations with a wide variety of players in the private and public sectors.
  • Ability to independently plan and manage work streams       
  • Excellent command of English and Urdu, both verbal and written
  • Enthusiastic team player, hands-on and flexible. 


  • More than three years of work experience 
  • Familiarity with the issues affecting the private sector in Pakistan as well as international trends in business and the economy 
  • Fluency in other regional languages  

*Note: These Terms of Reference are subject to change at any time.


The deadline for submission of applications, including an up-to-date CV, is 19th May 2018.