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District Coordinator

Strengthening Participatory Organization
End Date: 19 Jul, 2018

Location :Badin
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Salary :PKR 50,000 to PKR 60,000  None
Age:30 to 40 years
Start Date :12 Jul, 2018

Relevant Qualification & Experience:

  • Masters in Sociology, Political science or Public administration
  • 5 to 8 years relevant experience
  • Excellent writing & project management skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills

Job Description:

To have responsibilities of project “Enhancing CSOs role in local governance and development in Pakistan” at district level. Having responsibilities of planning, implementing, coordination and management at district level.

  • Planning, implementation and management of the project.
  • Liaison with the District and provincial Government to run the project activities.
  • Facilitate  consultant for data Compilation, Analysis and Sharing of Report
  • Facilitate project orientation sessions with key stakeholders i.e. CSOs and Local government authorities.
  • Developing linkages and close coordination with different departments like Local Government, Education Department, Finance Division and relevant stakeholders for smooth implementation of the project activities.
  • Close coordination and liaise with National Coordinator for project related progress, bottle necks and conduct trouble shooting under his/her guidance.
  • Preparing the monthly work plans
  • Ensuring the activities are implemented well in time and quality of all activities will be maintained with its objectives.
  • Doing social mobilization with the local politicians, activists  in the project districts
  • Orientation of community groups in accessing the complaint mechanisms at UC/neighborhood/village level linking with the LG/Ombudsperson/women Ombudsperson/human Rights Desks at police stations).
  • Assist the District Nazim in establishing the district coordination forum (DCC) for cooperation and inter-sectoral coordination (holding quarterly meetings)
  • Create linkages of DCC between CSOs and relevant provincial authorities
  • Support CSOs participation in sectoral monitoring committees at the district level
  • Arrange lobbying meeting at district level for inclusion of citizen in decision making meetings/ forums.
  • Support CSOs in designing and launching public campaigns on the issue of ‘constitutional protection of LG’ system’ (raising public demand from project districts and strengthening provincial lobbying around constitutional protection of LG system).
  • Support Regional Coordinator in organization of Engagement meetings at provincial level with LG academies and departments and sign MOUs.
  • Documentation of all field level activities and share compiled data for monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Support CSOs in sectoral monitoring committees at the district level.
  • Review of reports monthly, quarterly, annual.
  • Review financial management.
  • Preparing activity reports and submitting to the National Coordinator
  • Ensuring transparency of his/her respective function 


  • Adhere to SPO policies and promote participatory culture and demonstrate SPO’s values.
  • Participate in the SPO programme planning and review meeting if needed.
  • Participate in professional development training as identified and approved by the Supervisor.
  • Carry out any other project relevant activities as assigned by the supervisor.

Please note:

  • Candidate who tries to influence the recruitment process will be automatically disqualified. Women and minority candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • The position is  only open for residents of Sindh and preference will be given to local candidates.