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Machine Operator - Honey

Hashoo Hunar
End Date: 12 Nov, 2018

Country :Pakistan
Positions :2
Post Type:Job
Start Date :12 Oct, 2018

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Job Description:

Job Description of Machine Operator


  • Math Skills:

Good math skills will help machine operators understand complex instructions, how plans work and make sure items are designed and built correctly.

  • Problem Solving Skills:

Machine operators will need to know why machines are not at peak performance, how to increase output and how to fix errors.

  • Attention to Detail:

Machine operators will work with precision equipment. Being off by millimeters could be a critical error. Keen attention to detail is required.

  • Mechanical and Technical Skills:

Some machines are controlled by computers and operators will need to work with updated technology (CAD/CAM). Others are highly mechanical and operators will need to know how and why they work.

  • Analytical Skills:

Machine operators will need to read and understand, diagrams, models and other specifications.

  • Stamina:

Machine operators often work long hours doing repetitive movements.