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Procurement and Logistics Assistant

End Date: 25 Oct, 2018

Location :Bara, Kurram, Orakzai & North Waziristan
Country :Pakistan
Positions :4
Post Type:Job
Salary :PKR 92556/Month  None
Start Date :12 Oct, 2018

Under the overall supervision of the Community Resilience Activity (CRA) Resource Management officer (RMO), the Procurement & Logistics Assistant will be Administratively supporting and reporting to the Project Development Officer (PDO) in the sub office and Technically reporting to Logistics Coordinator at the head office Islamabad and provide overall Procurement & Logistics support in the day-to- day management and functioning of the CRA Program.


  • Responsible for organizing and/or tracking the local procurements of goods and Services made in the field by program for grant specific projects. Coordinate local procurements with the field unit;
  • Responsible to display Tender Notice and float RFP/RFQ to qualified Contractors and distribution of bid documents;
  • Conducting bidding for grants ensures the transparency and responsible to assist bidding committee members in case of any irregularity found in process;
  • Responsible to review and compile all bid documents before sending to Logistics Islamabad;
  • Responsible to up keep the program Assets and maintain properly;
  • Responsible to update the inventory of Assets in the field office and coordinate with Logs ISB;
  • Ensure that the procurements made in the field are all properly documented; vouchers for payments and other supportive documents should be filled and shared with the Logs Islamabad;
  • Assist with the procurement of other items to be used by program;
  • Preparing duty roaster of drivers and checking log book on daily basis in the field;
  • Responsible to verify log book of vehicles on monthly basis and liaise with Logs Islamabad;
  • Responsible to check the vehicles condition on daily basis and coordinate with vendor in case of any repair/Maintenance;
  • Responsible to maintain the log book and fuel record for generator;
  • Maintain the stationary record and fulfilling the request of staff regarding stationary demand;
  • Other activities to be specified by senior program staff.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Degree in Social Sciences or Equivalent
  • 2 years of experience in purchasing and contract management. Strong communication
  • Skills (verbal and written in English) with the ability to present concepts at functional and executive levels.
  • Ability to manage conflict and encourage collaboration.
  • Demonstrated team work, team facilitation
  • Demonstrated broad understanding of supply chain management with relevant commodity management experience



  • English & Urdu


  • Pashtu

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