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Videographer/Photographer for a Textile Conference in Lahore

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End Date: 19 Oct, 2018

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
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Start Date :12 Oct, 2018

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 Videographer/Photographer for a Textile Conference in Lahore


Introduction to the TORs: Center for Communications Programs Pakistan is working for GIZ to implement a campaign on “Return on Prevention” for the textile industry of Pakistan with the participation of Government stakeholders, particularly the Labor Department. One of the major activity for the campaign is the textile conference. These TORs are to hire the services of a competent firm/individual who can ensure the delivery of a high quality videography and can fulfill all major responsibilities of production and post-production stages.



The textile and garment sector, primarily located in Punjab Province, is the most important branch of the manufacturing industry of Pakistan. Some 15 million people (around 30% of the workforce) are employed in the textile and garment sector. Working conditions are characterized by poor safety standards and low wages, coupled with a lack of constructive dialogue between management, workers and state institutions. A study was conducted on the topic of Return on Prevention (ROP) with the aim to calculate the Return (monetary) on Prevention for Companies. The idea was to build a case for safety standards by calculating the costs and benefits of investments in occupational safety and health in Pakistan’s Textile and Garment Sector. The study was done jointly by the Labour and Human Resource Department, Government of Punjab, HomeNET Pakistan and Bavarian Employers ‘Association (Bfz)/ESPIRE project in cooperation with the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Energy, Textile, Electrical and Media Products Sector (BG ETEM) and Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. According to the companies interviewed, spending on occupational safety and health was an investment that “paid off” for them. First and most importantly, it protects employees against workplace accidents and illnesses; second, it ensures employees’ social protection and third, it can directly benefit the companies’ core economic interests. Keeping these three factors in mind, investment in occupational health and safety can play an important role in Pakistan's future efforts to compete in the international market and meet the requirements of international labour laws. The study showed that for every 1 rupee invested in occupational health and safety, a business could expect 2.5 rupees as a return. However, approximately 45% of those surveyed rated the current occupational health and safety conditions as only moderate, indicating there is still significant room for improvement in this area.


Objective of the Textile Conference:

The objective of the conference is to increase awareness and support for the concept of “Return on Prevention” by the Textile Industry.


Scope of Work: The Textile Conference will set the narrative of “Return on Prevention” for all important stakeholders particularly the textile sector. The incumbent firm/individual is responsible for the following:

Photo coverage - Minimum 300 photos including portraits and group photos.

Video coverage - Event highlights, an energetic 2.5 to 4-minute video that tells the story of the event with interviews, montages, and snippets from the day with complete graphics and music; an introduction video to kick off the start of the conference created on-site and a group of videos to begin each session. The technical specifications are as follows:


Format of Shoot: Full HD 1920 x 1080

Camera Specifications: Three full frame cameras. Crop sensors can also be used.

Frame Rate: 24 or above

Shooting Locations: One in-door location in Lahore

Value Added Equipment:  Wide angle lenses, Fish Eye, Track, Dolly, Drone, Lights and Sound (necessary)

Crew: Cameraman, DOP, Director, Boom/ Mic Operator, Light Operators and helpers (necessary)

Subtitles: Both English and Urdu     



Location: The videographer/photographer must be based in Lahore.


Proposal Requirements:

Based on the requirements above, kindly submit your technical and financial proposals in two separate sealed envelopes including taxes. The quotes will remain valid for six months however, the Textile Conference is expected to take place on November, 06 2018.


Please give a detailed breakup of the quoted amount.




Apply By:

 All sealed quotations should reach CCPP by October 19, 2018. At the following address: 

Center for Communication Programs Pakistan

Admin Section

BIAFO Building

Plot 23, Street 39,

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