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Master Trainer

International Humanitarian and Development Organization
End Date: 15 Aug, 2018

Location :Pakistan
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :02 Aug, 2018

About Company:

An International Humanitarian and development organization specializing in the field of disability. A strong emphasis is placed on empowering people with disabilities through their integration into mainstream development activities and the provision of appropriate health and rehabilitation services to ensure equal opportunities for all. The organization continues to support TDPs and host communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province.

The project:
“Growing Together” children project funded by IKEA. The 4 year project in Peshawar and Nowshera started in 2016. The project aims to support healthy and resilient child development through learning and playing and creating opportunities for all children between 0 and 12 years and in particular children at risk of developmental delays and psychological distress such as children in displacement, children with disabilities and other vulnerable children .

The project has 3 main components
• Mobilizing and organizing parenting groups of vulnerable children (between 0 and 6 years) to provide development care through play and build additional capacity in parenting
• Mobilizing children between 6-12 years in children’s clubs providing safe and inclusive learning and playing environment where children are supported to experience their full potential through play, sports and learning
• Building capacity of child development service providers/practitioners to adopt a positive approach to importance of early childhood development and inclusion of vulnerable children such as children with disabilities.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Conducts training needs assessments (meetings questionnaires etc.) with service providers in order to identify capacity building needs regarding issues related to childhood development and play, disability and inclusive practices and all other capacity building GT project
2. Development of training agendas and manuals with modern interactive training methodologies, training reports with pre and post evaluation
Conduct training of Community workers, service providers, professionals and partners on child development and inclusion related topics. (in cooperation with POs and TU and logistics) and provide technical support to trained organizations
Topics: Childhood development and importance of play
Blue Box and basic CBR concepts
Toy development
Early identification and referral
Inclusive practices (play, dance theatre etc.)
IDRR etc.
Adult learning
Child protection and Inclusion

3. Identification and mapping of existing relevant service providers and cooperation in the communities and regular updating of the GT referral list (in cooperation with POs)
4. Facilitate linkages between PSS CW and local service providers in cooperation with supervising PO and ensure follow up of referred PSS clients

5. Advocate and lobby for inclusive practices inside the team with partners and stakeholders

Key Responsibilities
1. Conducts needs assessments with service providers
2. Training and technical support
3. Identification and Mapping of services and cooperation in communities
4. Facilitate linkages between PSS CW and local service providers in cooperation with supervising PO and ensure follow up of referred PSS clients
5. Facilitate linkages between PSS CW and local service providers in cooperation with supervising PO and ensure follow up of referred PSS clients
6. Advocate and lobby for inclusive practices in all project areas and with stakeholders

Specific Duties
• Consult GT colleagues on existing contacts and cooperation with service providers and relevant stakeholders in particular organizations focusing on children and families.
• Conduct meetings and develop questionnaires etc. for service providers in order to identify capacity building needs regarding issues related to childhood development and play, disability and inclusive practices and all other capacity building GT project
• Participate in CW supervision meetings of CW conducting parents and children clubs and provision of PSS in order to learn about beneficiaries experiences and challenges regarding existing services and to promote adequate capacity building approaches Utilize
• Be aware of feedback from M&E committees and include relevant components into your training programme

• Be well informed and familiar with the purpose, technics , content and objectives of the project and inform yourself about what has been implemented during the previous 2 years
• Develop and provide an updated (updated version should be shared with PM, PC in the team and review meetings) training plan, training agenda and manuals, handouts, pre and post testing and training reports, ensure timely invitation and information sharing with relevant organizations ( lot of material has already been developed by GT Technical staff)
• Share training plan, agendas, manuals, methodology, handouts, reports etc. with TU (and supervisors) for validation
• Act in professional cooperation with team and in particular with PM and logistic colleagues in order to ensure proper training preparation and logistics
• Cooperate with respective experienced POs or TU in training facilitation
• Provide modern and interactive training methodology, tailor training according to needs and update yourself on existing material and innovative and inclusive adult learning methodology
• Conduct 10 training and refresher training for CWs
• Conduct 10 training for relevant child service providers, governmental authorities, school professionals and other NGOs
• Conduct training on demand and tailored to the needs of organizations
• Compile refresher training and mentor service providers in putting inclusive components into practice
• Keep record of service providers trained (proper M&E ) and do follow up evaluations to ensure impact and identify further needs

• Meet with community stakeholders to identify existing community based services and community structures including existing Self Help groups and DPOs
• Use outcome and support community and service provider mappings to update service provider lists and referral

• Combine and coordinate mapping exercise and share outcome with team and partners

• Keep in touch with identified service providers and facilitate in cooperation with colleagues meetings in order to discuss referral , case management or further cooperation

• Inform service providers about relevant project and PSS activities and referral
• Cooperate with CW who coduct PSS and their supervising POs in order to ensure linkage between GT beneficiaries and service provider
• Encourage service providers to include children with disabilities into their services
• Support communication between project staff and trained service providers in order to support follow up and ensure positive impact for PSS and other project clients

• Advocate and raise awareness about disability inclusion in the team, with partners and cooperating stakeholders
• Cooperate with DPOs and include expertise in training development and conduction

• Represent Organization and IP in positive manner when dealing with other stakeholders
• Follow Organization and IP protection policies
• Keep confidentiality (personal interviews with beneficiaries, data collection etc.)
• Work closely with the technical team members in Islamabad and ensure efficient and effective communication
• Participate in multidisciplinary meetings with the rest of the team
• Ensure child protection, gender equality and inclusion al crosscutting principle in all your activities
• Be open for advice from other team members
• Follow the principle to learn from beneficiaries by designing interventions and activities considering their input through FDGs, consultation processes and listening to children , persons with disabilities, IDPs and parents etc.
• Plan and write report and minutes
• Participate in regular team and review meetings and contribute to team capacity building activities
• Seek for technical support when facing personal challenges and limits
• Inform PM about upcoming risks and conflicts in the field

Support M&E processes by data collection and monitoring

Skills required:
- Master in Psychology, Sociology or Pedagogy
- Minimum of 3 year experience in facilitation of training and implementing capacity building
- Ability to benefit from critical feedback as learning component
- Minimum of 3 year experience in working in projects or activities focused on children , childhood development etc.
- Experience in coaching and mentoring change processes
- Knowledge and experience in human rights and disability inclusion and person or child centred approach
- Able to work simultaneously on multiple tasks and able to meet deadlines
- Willingness to learn and ability to work efficiently and effectively with a wide variety of people
- Able to work independently and as part of a team; coordinate and support other team members
- Good computer and (verbal and written) languages skills (fluent in Urdu and English; Pashtu would be an advantage)
- Commitment to organization’s and IPs mission and values
- Experience working for an INGO
- Being from the project area/having lived and worked in the project area is an added advantage

Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

We need to keep our beneficiaries safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to their protection from abuses. Employment is then subject to our protection standards including background checks and adherence to our Safeguarding Policies and Code of Conduct.