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Manager Finance

The Indus Entrepreneurs
End Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :22 Oct, 2018


We are looking for a professional Manager Finance responsible for the financial health of the organization. Producing financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research. Guiding senior executives in making sound business decisions in the long and short term.

Job Description:

  • Provide financial planning support to the company’s accounts department.
  • Review Financial plans and check their accuracy.
  • Maintain awareness of latest legislative changes that may affect financial planning.
  • Prepare framework to comply with all industry rules and regulations.
  • Develop and implement financial oversight and control mechanisms and procedures to ensure that all program expenses are in accordance with organizations & donor’s financial policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Develop & monitor list of minimum requirement required for donor’s compliance.
  • Responsible for smooth implementation of all project financial activities.  
  • Coordinate with finance team in tax related issues.
  • To prepare & review procurement & corporate level contracts.
  • Provide guidance regarding donor’s reporting.   
  • Provide legal opinion in case of conflict with vendors/clients.
  • Provide guidance in corporate issues & in preparing cases for tax exemption and government body registration   
  • Prepare and monitor program budgets and make necessary changes as per discussion with the Executive Director.
  • Responsible to review all financial documents/payments before submission of monthly reports to donors.
  • Provide guidance in accounting related issues.
  • Policy improvisation.
  • Prepare mechanisms for accounting.
  • Prepare bank payment Vouchers, receipt vouchers, journal vouchers.
  • Prepare payroll & make remittances including salary forwarding.
  • Maintain various registers like Investment register, Earnest money deposit register etc.
  • Pass necessary journal entries & prepare cash trial and bank reconciliation statement.
  • Ensure that necessary books of accounts like cash book, ledger etc. are prepared and compare with exchange bank statement.
  • Compile & record the revenue statement and reconcile the balance with branch.
  • Record the fund transferred from various exchanges and crosscheck with the revenue ledgers and if necessary correspond with the bank.
  • Update the fixed asset register for each addition of assets on the basis of disbursement or Journal voucher
  • Record the detail of transfer in the fixed asset register at the headquarter Inspect asset on receipt of scrap report and make necessary entry in the books Calculate depreciation at the end of each month as per the rates prescribed by the statute.
  • Carry out annual physical verification of fixed assets with reference to the fixed asset register.Prepare physical verification report and submit to the management.
  • Obtain approval from the management to write off missing, unserviceable, damaged or condemned assets and pass necessary entries in the books of accounts.
  • Account for the fixed assets acquired through any grant and calculate depreciation on such assets.
  • Transfer capital work in progress to fixed asset on completion of project.
  • Prepare the details of the fully depreciated assets at the end of the year. Verify all bills related to capital items including civil works.
  • Prepare Bank reconciliation statement every month posting to General Ledger and sub ledger Reconcile sub ledger balances with General Ledger. Working on peach tree, Quick book. Prepare bank payment Vouchers, receipt vouchers, journal vouchers.
  • Ensure proper tax filling and deductions for WHT etc.
  • Any other corporate affair assigned by the Executive Director
Advanced degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field; fivel years of experience in same capacity.
  • Employee management
  • Understanding of data privacy standards
  • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Deep understanding of business principles and practices; superior attention to detail
  • Organizational skills; planning - research - analytical - critical thinking - problem-solving and computer skills.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.
  • Superior mathematical skills and leadership skills
  • Leadership and organizational skills.
  • Previous experience with USAID (desirable)