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IT Specialist

End Date: 11 Nov, 2018

Location :Peshawar
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Salary :70,000  None
Start Date :05 Nov, 2018

Relevant Experience:

  • Experience: Must have 4 Years relevant experience in IT field  
  • Qualifications: Master Degree in Computer Science.


Job Description:

  • Support and maintain all IT related systems and equipment
  • Provide technical assistance to National NGO and Public Sector Organization in areas related to these four modules within the context of Public Sector Organization operations.
  • Support consultant in designing training package for staff of NGO and Public Sector Organization.
  • Work with consultant and comprehend the development process.
  • Training Public Sector Organization on these four modules and also provide trouble shooting assistance to National NGO and Public Sector Organization for installation and use of these four modules.
  • Maintain regular backups of data, and periodically test the restoration of them.
  • Ensure that these four modules are compatible with Public Sector Organization overall IT system and doesn’t contradict or clash with Public Sector Organization IT system.
  • Support in procuring of IT server for Public Sector Organization
  • Organize the modules in Public Sector Organization system as per standard rules
  • Provide on the job training to Public Sector Organization staff on the various tools and systems available to them,
  • Provide technical assistance to project staff by assisting them with the usage of server based file storage and data backups and data base operation in the context of this project
  • Carryout other duties as may be assigned by the concerned supervisor.

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