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Short Term Technical Assistance for Developing Business Case for Local Manufacturers of Contraceptives Financial Analyst

Chemonics International Inc.
End Date: 26 Nov, 2018

Experience:10 to 10 years
Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :09 Nov, 2018

Position Objective

The consultant will closely work in coordination with GHSC-PSM project, PPW/MoNHSR&C, and DRAP to undertake preparation of the business plan for establishment of contraceptives production units for the range of commodities that Pakistan imports from international markets. The consultant will be responsible for the following:

Job Responsibilities

1      Summarize the result of target market, business environment and market segmentation.

2      List annual data on demand and supply (available in the form of projections carried out by GHSC-PSM project till 2030 for the entire range of method mix).

3      Indicate projected marketing costs, elements of projected sales and revenues

4      Carry out an analysis of the general availability of raw material, processed industrial material and components i.e. list annual supply requirements of material inputs

5      Identify and describe in the business case about potential location and plant site selected including ecological and environmental impact, socio-economic policies, incentives and constraints as well as infrastructural conditions

6      Summarize main plant items (equipment etc.), their availability and cost

7      Describe the requirement of civil engineering work, if any

8      Describe in the business case the availability, recruitment and training needs of the human resources, and the reason for employing foreign experts (if need be)

9      Indicate duration of plant installation, production start up and running-in period and also identify actions critical for timely implementation

10   Carry out an in-depth financial analysis and investment appraisal showing local and Foreign components i.e. land, structures, plant (machinery & equipment), SLAs, fixed assets, pre-production expenditure and capital costs arriving at the net working capital required.

11   Analyze the significant financial and economic impact on the national economy as well as environmental implications 

12   Implications of technology-transfer agreements and the conditions attached therewith, besides assessing the availability of necessary skills and/or sourcing them from international market

13   Analyze and list down the steps and criteria involved in WHO/UNFPA prequalification and compliance with the requisite ISOs and the ensuing financial implications

14   Any other task incidental to the conduct of this assessment/appraisal.

Specifically, the financial feasibility may include:

  • Estimated component wise breakup of cost involved in setting up plant
  • Expected Timeline for setting up plant and related cash flows timing and requirements
  • Expected products and their year wise revenue
  • Expected per unit cost of production and revenue per unit
  • Payback period of investment
  • Expected component of subsidy from government
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the project and comparison of IRR with industry benchmarks
  • Administrative cost structure of the plant including HR cost
  • Regulatory duties, payments and approval requirements


Timeframe / Level of Efforts:

The assignment would spread over three months with 10 days level of effort.

Job Specifications

Education: An Associate or Fellow member of ICAP/ACCA/ICMA or having an MBA with majors in Finance from an HEC recognized university.

Work Experience: Minimum 10 years’ experience in financial management projects of development sector. Experience with pharma industry will be an added value.

Other Competencies:

  1. Experience of working with pharmaceutical industry and strong understanding of conducting financial feasibilities of medium to large-sale industrial start-ups.
  2. Very good command of English language as well as excellent facilitation skills.
  3. Experienced in liaising with public sector departments as well as private sector
  4. Willingness to travel throughout the country to garner data
  5. Refined knowledge of MS Office.