Lodhran Pilot Project
Posted date 13th June, 2024 Last date to apply 26th June, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Lodhran
Category Operations / Administration
Salary Market Completive
Type Consultant Position 1
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Tender Ref # IFT-1120189/2024                                                                                                     Date: June 13, 2024

Project Code: PAK-1118                                                                                                                                   


Provision of Vehicles on Rent


Dear Madam/Sir,

Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP) is a non-profit organization, which is committed to promote development & humanitarian objectives in Pakistan. It serves in a non-partisan manner and contributes to the development of all disadvantaged communities without any discrimination. It is registered under the Societies Act 1860, Punjab Charity Commission Act and also certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP). WASH, Green & Clean, livelihood, youth engagement, capacity building, institutional development and emergency preparedness & response are its key focused areas of interventions.


Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (WHH) was established in 1962. It is today one of the largest nonprofit organizations working in the area of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Germany. The organization is non-profit-seeking, non-partisan and non- denominational. Donations from the population at large fund our work in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition, WHH receives grants from the Federal German Government, the European Union, and the United Nations for International Development.

LPP in partnership with Welthungerhilfe is implementing a BMZ funded project named “Strengthening the socio-economic resilience of youth by promoting their economic self-reliance in district of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and Rahimyar Khan”. LPP is inviting the sealed bids/quotations from registered, reliable, experienced and potential vendors for the provision of vehicles on rent mentioned in the tender.


  1. 1.       Instructions to tenders

By submitting a tender, bidder is fully and unreservedly accepting the conditions of this call for tenders, which will constitute governing the contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure, whatever the bidder’s own conditions of sale may be, which they hereby waive. The bidders are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this tender dossier. Failure to submit a tender containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified will lead to the rejection of the tender. No account can be taken of any remarks in the tender relating to the tender dossier; remarks may result in the immediate rejection of the tender without further evaluation.

To be eligible to take part in this tender procedure, bidders must prove to the satisfaction of the Contracting Authority that they comply with the necessary legal, technical and financial requirements and have the means to carry out the contract effectively. Participation is open to natural persons and legal persons [participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of tenders.


Note: This document is not a contract or an offer of contract, but is a formal Invitation for Tender of required material / services. Bidders must read, sign/stamp on each page of this document for compliance of terms and conditions given below.


The foreseeable timetable for this procedure is as follows:




Deadline for requesting clarifications from the Contracting Authority




Last date on which clarifications are issued by the Contracting Authority



Deadline for submission of tenders



Bids Opening Date




  1. 2.       General remarks and special condition

All offered commodities must be sound, fair and in merchantable quantity and quality. The quality must be in line with the specifications stated in this tender.

  • All offered products must be according to specifications stated in the tender document including all applicable taxes.
  • Suppliers must quote the rates for all the items. In case of calculation mistake in grand total amount, the unit price will be considered.
  • Timely arrival in accordance with the negotiated delivery periods is of utmost important.
  • Part shipments are not allowed without authorization of the Contracting Authority.
  • The Contracting Authority holds the right to change quantities and slight changes to the technical specifications or packing if required.
  • The origin of all products needs to be indicated in the offer.
  • In case an alternative to the specified items is offered, this must be clearly indicated and excessively documented.
  • Bidder must submit their technical and financial proposal separately.


  1. 3.       Specifications / Quantities

The specifications and quantities of the items for Vehicle on rent for monthly basis listed below:


Sr #

Item/Vehicle Description







Unit Rate with tax (C)

Sub-Total with tax

(A x B x C)










(Sedan Car)

1300-1400 cc Petrol Manual/Automatic

• Good Engine condition

• Good condition body

• Good condition tyres

• Spare wheel with tool kit

• Neat and clean seat

• Experienced Driver with computerized valid License 

Model 2020 or above



















Grand total included all taxes






Sign and Stamp of Supplier: ________________________________________________________



Company name: _________________________________________________________________




Address, contact details:__________________________________________________________






The tenderer must submit a tender for all items.

A tenderer may include in its tender the overall discount it would grant in the event of some or all the items for which it has submitted a tender being awarded. The discount should be clearly indicated for each item in such a way that it can be announced during the public tender opening session.


4.      Samples/Pictures/Specifications

Tenderers who present their bids after stipulated time or incomplete bids will be excluded from the tender evaluation process. Vehicle model should be clearly mentioned in Tender.

5.      Use of Vehicle

If vehicle will be hired on monthly basis, LPP has right to use the vehicles in all over the Pakistan without intimation of Service provider/vendor.

Parking of Vehicle

LPP reserved the right to either park the vehicle hired on monthly basis at the LPP managed parking or release the vehicle after duty hours.

Accident/Damage of Vehicle

In case of any accident/theft of vehicle / damage of vehicle LPP & WHH will not be responsible and Vendor/Service provider has no right of any claim in any court of Law and it is the responsibility of vendor to provide/replace the vehicle with same or equivalent specifications/model within 4 hours.

Residence of Drivers

LPP will not be responsible for making arrangements of residence and Meal of Drivers.


  • Vehicle insurance is the responsibility of the vendor.
  • Driver Insurance: Vendors must provide evidence of driver health and accidental insurance.

6.      Prices

All prices in your quotation must be indicated in Pakistan Rupees (PKR). Quotations stated in other currencies will not be considered in the awarding process.


The analysis of the offers will be performed in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

Prices must be inclusive all applicable taxes i.e., GST, WHT, insurance costs, Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) 16% and any other taxes levied by the government of Pakistan.

7.      Payment

  • LPP will Pay the vehicle rent on monthly basis through Cross cheque to the vendor after receiving of the invoice along with all supporting documents i.e. copies of the log books, etc.

Ordering Party

Lodhran Pilot Project and Main Multan Road, Near WAPDA Colony, Lodhran City


Lodhran Pilot Project and Main Multan Road, Near WAPDA Colony, Lodhran City


  • Documents

                Following documents must be submitted before tender closing:

Written/printed quotation on letterhead paper or on Tender document. The quotation must have the pre-qualification documents (3 Pages) attached herewith as an Annex. It must be (signed and stamped) by the competent authority of the vendor.

  • Company Profile (Must include Past experiences, Financial Position, GST/Sales Tax registrations/NTN, Registration)
    • Following documents will be requested from the vendor every month after delivery of the services:
    • Original Commercial Invoice
    • Performa Invoice (addressed to Consignee)
    • Copies of the logbooks

          The vendor will cover all expenses of the vehicle for first time reporting to the duty station

8.      Payment Conditions

  • Payment shall take place in the currency of the Contract.
  • Payments due by the Contracting Authority shall be made through cross cheque to the vendor.
  • Pre-financing will not be granted.
  • Payment shall take place according to Cash against documents (CAD) within 15 working days of the receipt of the invoice completed from all aspects.
  • The order sum cannot be subdivided into partial payments.

9.      Penalties

If the Vendor/Service provider fail to provide requried services within specified time, other than the delays caused by force majeure, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to impose a penalty equaling to the 0.01% per calendar day of the total value of the services not delivered. The penalty will be deducted from the invoice. LPP reserves the right to either terminate the agreement or return any of the vehicles without any prior notice where;


  • Vendor or any of his/her associates is found involved in the financial embezzlement/corruption.
  • Vendor or any of his/her associates is found guilty of the serious breach of the LPP’s code of conduct.
  • Vendor or any of his/her associates is involved in Child Abuse or Sexual Harassment.
  • LPP prefers single supplier for all vehicles but reserve the right to divide the contract among different vendors as per vehicle/geographical needs.
  • Tenderers not providing all necessary documents, properly signed and stamped will not be considered for further process.
  • Tenderers are encouraged to provide rates (up to 3 years) for similar locations.

10.  Award Criteria

Following quantitative criteria will be considered in the contract granting:

  1. Financial Evaluation: 70 Marks / 70%
  2. Technical Evaluation: 15 Marks  / 15%
  3. Vehicle Condition/Inspection: 15 Marks / 15%


A.     Financial Evaluation 60% for each lot: Offers to be provided inclusive of applicable tax(s) transportation etc.

(1)    Lowest price for each lot will get 70 Marks / 70%. (the score for the higher offers will be calculated accordingly)


        B.     Technical Evaluation 15% for each vendor:  Technical criterial will be accordingly as comments below;

  1. Updated & Valid NTN Registration (04 marks)
  2. Min 4 relevant experience certificates/contract/P.O(s) (8 Marks <02 score for each proof>)
  3. Office physically availability and pictures (Shared office location and office pictures) (3 Marks)
  4. Recent Bank statement for the past 06-months.


C.     Vehicle Condition (Tick on available or not available)

  1. GPS Tracker (If available then shared picture and its specification. (Available/Not Available) 5 Marks.
  2. Car Tool Kits (first aid kit, type punchers, tow chain/tow lead, jumper lead, Spare wheel), (Available/Not Available) 5 Marks
  3. Driver education/training certificate (If driver have any training, please share picture of certificates, i.e. Licence etc) (Available/Not available) 5-Marks


11.  Tender Conditions

  • All correspondence, between the tenderer and the Contracting Authority must be in written in the language of the procedure, which is English.
  • The offer must have a validity for the period specified in the tender document. Otherwise, the tenderer must mention clearly.
  • Vehicles will be received and returned with a full fuel tank by LPP.
  • The minimum fuel average for monthly vehicle should be 10KM per Liter.
  • The Contracting Authority is responsible for payment of ordinary maintenance e.g. oil, and oil filter after 4000KM.
  • Schedule maintenance will be communicated 7 days in advance. Before a vehicle exits for maintenance, an alternate vehicle must be provided to LPP.
  • All scheduled and accidental maintenance, as well as any fines (challans), will be the vendor's responsibility.
  • The Contracting Authority, in Pakistan, must receive the tenders before the tender deadline.

Lodhran Pilot Project and Main Multan Road, Near WAPDA Colony, Lodhran City

  • The tender must include all the documents specified in paragraph 14 of these Instructions and be sent to the following address:

Procurement Department,

Lodhran Pilot Project, Bangalow # 2, Opposite WAPDA Town, Gate No. 1, Near Multan Public School Road, Multan.

  • All tenders, including annexes and all supporting documents, must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing only:
    • the above address.
    • the reference code of this tender procedure, (i.e. IFT #. IFT-1120189/2024)
    • the words 'Not to be opened before the tender opening session’.
    • The name of the tenderer.
    • Quotations must be provided in a sealed envelope as hard copy, in one copy only. Offers through e-mail or fax will not be accepted or considered.
    • Alteration or withdrawal of tenders (as below)
    • Tenderers may alter or withdraw their tenders by written notification prior to the deadline for submission of tenders. Tenderer will not be allowed to be altered after the deadline. Withdrawals must be unconditional and will end all participation in the tender procedure.
    • Any such notification of alteration or withdrawal must be prepared and submitted in the outer envelope must be marked 'Alteration' or 'Withdrawal' as appropriate.
    • No tender may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of tenders
    • Costs of preparing tenders: No costs incurred by the tenderer in preparing and submitting the tender are reimbursable. All such costs will be borne by the tenderer.
    • Ownership of tenders: The Contracting Authority retains ownership of all tenders received under this tender procedure. Consequently, tenderers have no right to have their tenders returned to them.
    • Suppliers who do not receive a written feedback 20 days after expiry of the deadline have not been successful and will not be informed in writing.
    • LPP reserves the right to change the quantities, skip any particular item or cancel the whole tender at any stage without assigning any reason, or without intimation to any supplier or without to publish on any other publication channel.

For queries

For any queries and clarities on the IFT, please write to the below mentioned email address

[email protected]

Phone #: 0608-362928 and 361030 (0900 – 1700) hrs.




Welthungerhilfe Supplier Declaration Form



Note:  This Supplier   Declaration   Form, including   your certification by signature, is part of the qualification procedure for our suppliers and service providers.  If you do not fully complete this form, you may be disqualified from the tender.



1.        Supplier Information


By signing the certification at the end of this Supplier   Declaration   Form, you confirm that   all information submitted in sections 1.1 and 1.2 below is true and complete.


1.1      Information about your business


Please provide the following information about your business and attach a copy of your company’s legal registration document if available.


Business name


Legal form

If the supplier is not a registered company, write “not registered.”


Year founded


Country where established


VAT or registration number


Bank details

Include the account holder’s name, bank name, IBAN, SWIFT code, and currency used.


Physical  address, email address, and website


Contact  Sales  and marketing


Range of products

and services  provided



Other information




1.2     Information about your managing officials


Welthungerhilfe upholds   high moral standards regarding the conduct of its employees, partners, suppliers, and other service providers.  As discussed in part 2.3 below, one of these standards is a condemnation of terrorism and a commitment that no funds or other resources will be used to support terrorists   or terrorist   activities   in any way.  Not only is this   standard an integral   part   of how Welthungerhilfe works, but  it is also  an  expectation of our institutional donors  and  banks  that  we screen  our suppliers and service providers against  lists of known and suspected terrorists  on a regular basis.



For this reason, we are required to collect certain information about the relevant decision makers of each   supplier.  In particular, we request information   about   your top 4 managing   officials (e.g., executive board members, managing directors, or heads of department). Generally, these are the individuals listed on your company’s registration document.  If your company   has  fewer  than  4 managing  officials,  please  provide details  for all of your managing  officials and let us know this fact when submitting the form.


The data   collected  below  will only  be  used   for  comparison  with  freely  accessible international sanctions lists  published on the  internet and  will be  protected in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If you have any questions how your data will be processed or stored, please talk to your contact at Welthungerhilfe or send  an email to  [email protected].

Managing official 1

Full name (given name followed by middle and surname)




Address (at a minimum, country of residence)


Gender (optional)






Managing official 2

Full name (given name followed by middle and surname)




Address (at a minimum, country of residence)


Gender (optional)






Managing official 3

Full name (given name followed by middle and surname)




Address (at a minimum, country of residence)


Gender (optional)






Managing official 4

Full name (given name followed by middle and surname)




Address (at a minimum, country of residence)


Gender (optional)








2.   Welthungerhilfe Policy statement


2.1 Welthungerhilfe supports the goals of the UN Global Compact                                                    


The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for organizations that are committed to aligning their  operations and  strategies with the  following 10  universally  accepted principles in the  areas  of human  rights,  labour,  environment, and anticorruption:


Human rights

     Principle 1:   Businesses should   support   and   respect the   protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and

          Principle 2: make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.



     Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;

          Principle 4: the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;

          Principle 5: the effective abolition of child labour; and

          Principle 6: the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.



          Principle 7: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;

          Principle 8: undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and

     Principle    9:    encourage   the    development   and    diffusion    of   environmentally   friendly technologies.



     Principle 10:  Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


Further   information   about   the   UN Global Compact   is available   (in a variety of languages) at https://www.unglobalcompact.org

























3        Welthungerhilfe adheres strictly to its own Code of Conduct


Welthungerhilfe’s own Code of Conduct builds upon the principles of the UN Global Compact   and is an integral lodestone in all of Welthungerhilfe’s work. All Welthungerhilfe suppliers are expected to act in accordance with the values of our Code of Conduct, which are as follows:


          The highest standards of personal and professional conduct

          No religious or political activities when representing Welthungerhilfe

          No discrimination

          Responsibility for health and safety

          No sexual violence

          Child protection

          Responsible handing of personal data and information

          Responsible use of resources          No supporting of terrorism or money laundering

          No corruption

          Avoiding conflicts of interest

          No work under the influence of alcohol or drugs

          No carrying of weapons

          Obligation to report concerns, suspicions, and knowledge of Code of Conduct violations


The full Code of Conduct is available at the following link:



By signing this Supplier Declaration Form, you explicitly agree to comply with these principles.





Welthungerhilfe (WHH) renounces all forms of terrorism and money laundering


Welthungerhilfe renounces all forms of terrorism   and  will never  knowingly  support,  tolerate, or encourage terrorism  or the activities  of those  who embrace terrorism  or money laundering. Consistent with   guidance  issued    by   the   United    Nations    Security    Council   and   the   European    Union, Welthungerhilfe is firmly committed to the  international fight  against  terrorism  and,  in particular, against   the  financing   of  terrorism.   Accordingly,  Welthungerhilfe  screens  its  suppliers  and  their relevant  decisionmakers against  lists of known and  suspected terrorists  to ensure  that  none of its or its donor funds are used,  directly or indirectly,  to provide support  to individuals  or entities associated with terrorism  or money laundering. By submitting an offer, suppliers and service  providers  agree  to this  screening process, including  the  obligation  to provide the  information  required  to conduct the screening (see parts  1.1  and 1.2  above).













4. Supplier declaration                                      


We,                                                                                                    (name of company) hereby declare that




a)  All of the information submitted in parts 1.1 and 1.2 above is true and complete;


b) We are not in bankruptcy proceedings, in judicial insolvency proceedings, or in liquidation, and we have not ceased our commercial activities and are not in a comparable situation by virtue of similar proceedings referred to in the national legal provisions;


c)  We have not received a sanction by legally binding judgment for reasons that bring into doubt our professional reliability;


d)  We  comply  with  our  duty  to  pay  social  insurance  contributions,  taxes,   and  other  levies  in accordance with the legal provisions of the jurisdiction in which we have our office, the jurisdiction of the  consignee, and  the  jurisdiction where  the  contract is performed; we assure  that  we will comply with the legislation  applicable and common standards in terms of wages, social legislation, and occupational safety and health;


e) We have  not  received  a  legally  binding  sentence due  to  fraud,  corruption,  participation  in  a criminal  association, or another  act  directed against  the  financial  interests of another  legal  or natural  person;

f)    no serious  breaches of contract due to non-performance of our contractual obligations  have been ascertained in connection with another  contract or a contract awarded from any institutional donor involved in  development cooperation, humanitarian assistance,  or other  public  financing  work (hereinafter “institutional donor”);

g)  We are providing you with all the information  required  to participate in a tender, and all information submitted in relation  to this tender  is true and complete;

h)  In respect of contracts that are ultimately paid for out of the funds of an institutional donor, no one has accused us of breach of contract due to gross violation of our contractual obligations;

i)   We have not been excluded as a contract partner by any institutional donor due to ethical issues;

j)    In  the  event  we  are  chosen   as  the  supplier   for  any  Welthungerhilfe  project,   we  assure   to Welthungerhilfe, to any institutional donor  involved in the  project,  and  to auditors  engaged  by either Welthungerhilfe or such institutional donor that they will have reasonable access on demand to our business and accounting documents for the purpose  of checks  and audits;

k)  We respect basic social rights and condemn child labor;

l)    We understand that  Welthungerhilfe will conduct a check  to ensure  that  neither  our company  nor our top four managing  officials appear  on any lists of known or suspected terrorists  issued  by our institutional donors or the governments of which they are a part;

m) We support the goals of the UN Global Compact; and

n)  We act in accordance with the values of Welthungerhilfe’s Code of Conduct.









_______________________                                           _______________________

Location, Date                                                               Name, Signature

Admin and Logistic Officer

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