Development of a Five-year Strategic Plan for FAID Pakistan
Posted date 10th June, 2024 Last date to apply 23rd June, 2024
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Consultancy
Status Closed

Terms of Reference

Development of a Five-year Strategic Plan

FAID Pakistan



The Foundation for Ageing and Inclusive Development- FAID is a national not-for-profit humanitarian and development organization licensed under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017 of SECP. FAID works with vulnerable groups especially older women and men and those with disabilities with a vision of an inclusive society where ageing is dignified, healthy and secure for all.

We work with our partners to ensure that people and stakeholders in Pakistan including the government, INGOs, UN, NGOs, media, and academia understand how much older men and women and persons with disability contribute to society and that they must enjoy their right to healthcare, social services, and economic and physical security.



The purpose of engaging a consultant is for development of FAID’s 5-year (2024-2029) strategic plan through an inclusive and participatory process. The consultant will work with the senior management team and board of directors of FAID.

FAID’s vision, mission, and core values will guide the strategic plan.

Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The specific objective includes 

  1. Define the scope of the Strategic Plan Development (SPD) process by meeting with FAID’s Board and management.
  2. Conduct consultative meetings with the Board of Directors, management, and key stakeholders, to synthesise key learnings and identify strategic opportunities in the current environment with a focus on understanding “Where do we want to be? How will we get there?”
  3. Develop an effective internal evaluation mechanism to continually assess FAID’s progress in achieving its strategic goals
  4. Draft the Strategic Plan and present it to the Board of Directors and key stakeholders for validation and approval after necessary revisions.
  5. Based on the approved Strategic plan, develop a 2-year operational plan including a financial/business model.


 2.      Methodology

The consultant will provide a detailed methodology for developing the strategy; however, the following outline will provide an idea of what is expected in the methodology.: 

  • A contextual analysis of secondary and primary data sources (Govt. of Pakistan’s Development and Humanitarian strategies and plans, Major donor’s strategies for Pakistan, and other national, regional and international funding opportunities etc) and other partnership opportunities.
  • Stakeholder mapping and primary research with the first layer of stakeholders (including but not limited to BOD, staff, beneficiaries, civil society, and public experts) through qualitative methods and consultative workshops (where required) to triangulate with findings from secondary data and identify themes and potential strategies.
  • Compilation of theory of change with clear pathways of change.

 N.B. The consulting agency/consultant can also suggest methodologies different from those mentioned above.


 3.      Deliverables 

  • An inception report outlining the approach/methodology and execution program/timetable. This report shall be submitted for review and approval before the commencement of the work.
  • Presentation of the key findings from desk review and consultation meetings to the BOD/management.
  • Draft strategy shared with the BOD for review and feedback
  • Final 5-year strategy after incorporating the feedback from BOD/management.
  • Two-year operational plan based on the approved strategic plan.


 4.      Duration 

The consultant will complete the work in one month, beginning with the contract's signature date and ending with the acceptance of the final report but a maximum within two months after the contract signature.

5.      Qualification

A well-recognised and reputable consultancy firm/company or individual consultants having documented experience in similar assignments in Pakistan and/or internationally are eligible to submit their proposals.

6.      General conditions 

  1. No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both parties.
  2. The team members of the consultancy firms are not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  3. All the logistics including any travel, accommodation, meals, taxes etc will be covered by the consulting firm/company. Therefore, the price component must contain an overall quotation. However, a detailed budget is required to show the actual breakup.
  4. The consulting firm should provide its team with relevant IT equipment and other office supplies required for completion of the consultancy assignment.
  5. FAID will not provide any facility for the movement of the teams in field and geographic areas. The travel to and from and within the field needs to be reflected in the financial proposal
  6. Final payment to the consulting firm or consultant will be made upon submission of satisfactory completion of deliverables (to be specified in the contract) as well as handover notes and relevant data to FAID.

Apply By:

If you are convinced that you meet the above qualifications and requirements, please send to the address below your proposal, technical and financial in separate sealed envelopes. The proposal must consist of the C.V (s) of relevant team members, which should outline your qualifications and relevant experience and a proposal highlighting your understanding of the work and the proposed methodology.


Procurement committee

Foundation for Ageing and Inclusive Development-FAID

Apartment #401, 4th floor, Shah Tower, E-11/2 Markaz, Islamabad


The closing date is 23rd June 2024. Only shortlisted applications will be given further consideration.

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