Pathfinder International - BHFA
RFQ- Refurbishment/Renovation of 7-RHSA Centers in KPK
Posted date 24th June, 2024 Last date to apply 15th July, 2024
Category Proposal/Quotations
Status Closed

Request for Quotes (RFQ)


Issued on:                   June 24,2024

Solicitation Number:   PI-BID/BHFA//JUNE-2024/106

For:                                Refurbishment/Renovation of 7-RHSA Centers in KPK.

BOQ Deadline:             July 01, 2024 (3:30 PM)

Inquires Deadline:       July 08, 2024 (3:00 PM)

Quotes Deadline:        July 15, 2024 (4:30 PM)


Pathfinder International currently seeks a firm to supply the below items.

S. No.



Pathfinder International-BHFA project intends to hire services of an eligible firm for the renovation of 7 RHSA in KPK.


Renovation of 7 – RHSA Centers in KPK


Charsada (DHQ)


Charsada (THQ)- Tangi




Swat (Saidu Sharif)


Swat (Kabal)


Lower Dir (Chakdara)



BOQ Request

To obtain the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for the renovation, please send a request via email to [email protected] with the subject line: " PI-BID/BHFA//JUNE-2024/106: “Request for BOQ -Renovation of 7 RHSA in KPK ". Along with your request, kindly provide the following information in a table format:

Company Name


Contact Person Information

Contact Details





  • This form must be filled and submitted in the BOQ request.

Companies with 05 years of experience in renovation/construction must acquire the BOQ by July 01, 2024 (3:30 PM). To register for the project, the firm must submit the provided form when requesting the BOQ; quotations from unregistered firms will not be considered. BOQ will not be shared with the firms after the mentioned deadline.

Note: - Firms/consultant who made the BOQ will not be participate in this tender.

*Detailed Specifications are in ANNEX B: Bid Submission Form


Mode of Transportation

☐          AIR

☐          OCEAN

☒          SURFACE/LAND

U.S. Flag Required

☐     YES      ☒        NO


☐ EXW   ☒  CIP  ☐   DAP  ☐  DDP

Destination Address

KPK as mentioned above.

General Terms and Conditions

Copy enclosed (see Annex A)

, Other

☐    Partial quotes permitted.

☒    Partial quotes not permitted.

Quote Guidelines and Instructions

Please submit all quotes on company letterhead, using the Bid Submission Form in Annex B. All quotes must be valid for a minimum of [30] days and include a photo of the item requested.

Any deviations from the specifications should be noted clearly on the quote.

In addition, the cover page must include the following information:

    • Business name, address, telephone and email

    • Contact information.

    • Type of Business

    • Signature of authorized individual

Selection Criteria

                                     I.                    PASS/FAIL: Offeror bid must be valid for 30 days.

                                    II.                    PASS/FAIL: Offeror must have valid NTN and GST registration.

                                  III.                    PASS/FAIL: Offeror must have valid PEC registration certificate.

                                  IV.                    PASS/FAIL: Offeror must have physical presence in KPK.

                                   V.                    PASS/FAIL: Offeror nature of business relates to Renovation/Construction/Contractor/Interior/Architect/Design/Town Planners (as NTN Principal activity)

                                  VI.                    PASS/FAIL: Work experience of 5 years of similar work (Period will be count from the registration document.

                                VII.                    PASS/FAIL: The company should have successfully executed renovation /construction assignments of a similar nature with a value exceeding PKR 5 million (each contract); 2 fully executed purchase orders/contracts/completion certificates from the past are mandatory.


Single Stage- “Two Envelopes Procedure” will be adopted. One envelope containing technical information of bid shall be clearly marked “Technical Proposal”. The Second envelope containing the “Bid Price shall be clearly marked “Financial Proposal”.

Offeror’s meeting the PASS/FAIL will be evaluated on below criteria.

Pathfinder will review and evaluate quotes submitted by the deadline according to the following criteria:


Weight (%)



Product Delivery


Total Weight


Supplier with a technically compliant offer and lowest CIP cost will be awarded [70] points. All other bidder’s scores will be decreased by 1% for every 1% increase in price from the lowest total price.

The requested item shall be ready for shipment within 4 weeks of issuance of contract. No credit will be given for earlier availability date. All bidders submitting a quote that meet the acceptable range shall receive [30] points. All other bidders scores will decrease by 1%.

Preference will be given to suppliers that are able to quote all items, however; multiple or no awards may be made.

Payment Terms

Payment will be made net 30 of commercial invoice and receipt of a Goods Receipt Note from end user.

GST Compliance

The project is eligible for a sales tax exemption. GST amount will be withheld, an exemption letter will be provided within 90 days upon receipt of the invoice. If the exemption letter is not provided within this timeframe, the withheld GST amount will be paid upon completion of the USAID compliance timeline of 90 days.

Arithmetic Errors

Arithmetical errors will be rectified on the following basis. If there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the total price that is obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity, the unit price shall prevail, and the total price shall be corrected. If the Supplier does not accept the correction of the errors, its bid will be rejected.


Please send your queries at [email protected] by 3:00 PM Pakistani Time July 08, 2024, with a subject line: Q&A-PI-BID/BHFA//JUNE-2024/106: Refurbishment/Renovation of 7-RHSA Centers in KPK.


Pathfinder reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any point and is under no obligation to issue a subcontract as a result of this solicitation.

Pathfinder will not reimburse any expenses related to the preparation of any proposal related materials or delivery.

The resulting Purchase Order is subject to the Terms and Conditions in Annex A.

Thank you,

Procurement Department

Pathfinder International

Apply By:

Quotes Deadline

Offers must be received no later than Pakistani Time (4:30 PM) on July 15, 2024, Through Sealed Envelope at address (Pathfinder ,2nd Floor, Olympus Mall, F-11 Markaz Islamabad) with a subject line: PI-BID/BHFA//JUNE-2024/106:  Refurbishment/Renovation of 7-RHSA Centers in KPK. Please submit two separate files for your response. One file should include the technical documentation, such as certificates, brochures, and any relevant information required in the technical evaluation. The second file should contain the financial information as specified in Annex B. Only sealed quotations will be accepted.

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