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Request for Quotation- RFQ/III/2023/5858 - Procurement of PPFP - Rebidding
Jhpiego Corporation
Posted date 16th March, 2023 Last date to apply 29th March, 2023
Country Pakistan Locations Islamabad
Category Operations / Procurement
Status Closed

Jhpiego is an International non-profit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, USA. For more than 40 years and in over 150 countries, Jhpiego has worked to prevent the needless deaths of women and their families. Jhpiego is dedicated to improving the health of women and families in developing countries.

 Jhpiego intends to call for Sealed Quotation for supply of following items at Islamabad office. Please read below mentioned detailed description of items with detailed terms & conditions mentioned below before submission of your sealed quotation.

Sr. No.

Item Description



Unit Price

Total Price


Post-partum IUCD kit

Kelly Forceps

Sim speculum large size /Small

Sponge Forceps (Uterine, duplay, curved, 28cm)


Gale pot 180ml,

kidney tray Large








IUCD Insertion Kit   

Dressing Forcep (Straight, 22.5 cm)

Sponge Forcep (haemostatic, straight, 22cm)

Sponge Forcep (Uterine, duplay, curved, 28cm)

Scissor, gynecological, blunt/blunt, curved, 20 cm

Kidney tray (small)

Uterine tenaculum

Vaginal speculum, Graves (Small & Medium)

Gallipot 180ml







IUCD Removal Kit   

Dressing Forcep (Straight, 22.5 cm)

Sponge Forcep (hemostatic, straight, 22cm)

Kidney tray (small)

Uterine tenaculum

Vaginal speculum, Graves (Small & Medium)

Gallipot 180ml







Safety boxes

Safety box (Volume 5-liter, water resistant, antiperforation, card made, Easy to incinerate)







Normal veginal delivery sets (NVD)

Sponge Forceps (Uterine, duplay, curved, 28cm)

Stainless steel bowls large size 14 " for antiseptic solution

Stainless steel instrument tray

Kidney tray (Large)

Sponge holding forceps 9.5"

Dressing forceps







 Items list is also attached






Total cost



GST if applicable



Grand Total including


Note: Delivery location for above printing material will be required in Jhpiego Peshawar Office.

Terms & Conditions for submission of quotations:

  1. Sealed Quotation must be submitted on company/organization’s original letterhead with date and stamp.
  2. Quotation submitted through email and late submissions will not be considered.
  3. NTN and RFQ Reference number should be mentioned on quotation.
  4. Quotation validity must be 45 days from date of submission.
  5. Complete description/specifications of the goods/services
  6. Unit price must be quoted separately for each item/services
  7. GST taxes must be mentioned separately item wise, if applicableThis procurement lies under USAID, Govt. of United States funded project. As per USAID rules, GST amount charged on any invoice over US$ 500/- will be withheld by Jhpiego and sent to USAID Pakistan for tax exemption from Govt. of Pakistan. This process takes at least 120-180 days. Upon approval from USAID, withheld GST amount is paid to vendor by deducting WHT or tax exemption certificate is provided shared by USAID.
  8. Withholding tax will be deducted from invoice as per applicable tax law of Govt. of Pakistan
  9. Rates should be quoted in local currency.
  10. Delivery time/schedule of supplies must be clearly specified.
  11. Warranty must be specified.
  12. Payment will be made through cross cheque with 2 Weeks after delivery of items and submission of Invoice to Jhpiego Islamabad.
  13. Incomplete or partial bidding is not allowed.
  14. Jhpiego reserves the right to accept or reject any bid with or without assigning any reason.
  15. After issuance of PO, Jhpiego will approve the samples before delivery to requested sites.
  16. Detail Terms & Condition of the Purchase Order are attached with this RFQ as Annex-A.
  17. Questions (if any), must be submitted in writing on or before March 22, 2023. Jhpiego may respond questions collectively to all bidders after March 24, 2023.
  18. Sealed quotation should be submitted by hand or through courier at address mentioned above by COB March 29, 2023.

Thank You.

Operation Department

Jhpiego Corporation

Apply By:

Questions deadline

Questions if any must be submitted in writing to [email protected]

By COB March 22, 2023

Due Date for submission

March 29, 2023

Address correspondence to:

Jhpiego Corporation

G106, NSTP Block, NUST University Campus

Sector H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: 051-8355144 

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