Program Coordinator
Posted date 20th June, 2024 Last date to apply 20th July, 2024
Category Development Sector
Type Full Time Position 1
Experience 6 years
Status Closed

Job summary:

The Program Coordinator will have to exercise good coordination & management skills.  The Program Coordinator will have to develop a thorough knowledge of  program, build and maintain network in regard to strengthening capacity of local and national NGOs and government stakeholders. The Program Coordinator will take initiatives in leading and coordinating various projects under the Program and ensure quality, accountability and effectiveness of the program. The job will involve a large amount of field & some desk work. The Program Coordinator will have to develop a thorough and overall knowledge of the projects/programs, and to be familiar with organization's implementing strategies to run and strengthen the Program effectively.


Key Responsibilities:


Planning, Implementation and Reporting

  • Responsible for planning, implementation and reporting of project(s).
  • Management, development and recruitment of staff.
  • Responsible for expansion and growth of program.
  • Make sure that good monitoring system is in place to monitor program
  • Ensure Quality and Accountability mainstreaming.
  • Responsible for financial management of the projects.

    Strengthening Systems and Procedures

    • Mentor & support team members specially SPOs  in strengthening planning, management and implementation of projects
    • Program implementation is conceptually in line with what is committed in project documents
    • Contribute in training design and content
    • Provide practical guidance to undertake/document best practice and lessons learnt and see that appropriate actions are taken against lesson learnt.
    • Provide support on institutionalization of best practices, tools and approaches
    • Mentor teams on how to link output to outcome level of work.
    • Mentor teams in critically evaluating effectiveness of project activities and approaches
    • Review team’s work plans and targets
    • Review quality of documents and implementation like quality of activity plans, follow up reports, activity reports etc.
    • Review coordination and communication mechanisms with stakeholders
    • Support in program design and fundraising
    • Ensure teams are applying agreed processes and tools in projects
    • Mentor SPOs in utilizing their team member’s skills & competencies in most effective manner
    • Mentor SPOs in team management skills
    • Support SPOs in ensuring balance of workload in team & performance review
    • Take initiative to strengthen accountability in team

    Expansion, networking and visibility

    • Strengthening networking and linkages with respect to programs
    • Represent the organization nationally and internationally for P&D related activities including meetings, workshops and conferences.
    • Proposal development.
    • Finalize narrative and financial reports of the project.
    • Visibility of the project(s).
    • Publications for P&D project(s).
    • Promote the desired organizational culture

    Team Management

  • Responsible to build capacity of team in technical areas related to program.
  • Recruitment and orientation of staff as and when required
  • Maintain positive relationship with team
  • Ensure organization’s expectation from program team members are clear to them
  • Provide timely feedback to team members as and when required

The duties listed above covers most of the task that would be performed by the individual in this position; however, the Program Coordinator can also be assigned any other official task by Management as and when required.

Qualifications and Experience:

For the post of Program Coordinator, a Master degree from a recognized university and 6 years of experience in “Social and Legal equality” or “Peace, Democracy and democratization” related fields are considered necessary. Some experience of working and coordinating with other international NGOs and funding agencies is also essential for this position. 

Technical Competencies:

  • Competent project management and coordination skills
  • Proficiency in English speaking and writing skills
  • Be able to work independently, ability to take initiatives, decision making             
  • Ability to represent the organization at various levels in-country and at regional-international levels
  • Core Competencies:

    Understanding of humanitarian contexts and applying humanitarian principles and standards:

    • Demonstrates understanding of the Q &A principles and standards & programme cycle.
    • Assesses and analyses key issues and formulates actions to respond to them

    Achieving Results:

    • Actively participates in design and implementation of effective programme.
    • Maintains focus on delivery of timely and appropriate results by effective use of available resources
    • Sets standards in work and follows agreed operating procedures

    Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships:

    • Contributes positively in team to achieve programme objectives.
    • Monitors work progress and individual performance
    • Fosters collaborative, transparent and accountable relationships with local‐level & national‐level
    • organizations to formalize and implement agreements


    Operating Safely and Securely at all Times:

    • Identify and communicates risks & threats and mitigates these for team & partners organization.


    Managing in Pressured and Changing Environment:

    • Remains constructive and positive under stress to be able to tolerate difficult and challenging environments
    • Maintains ethical and professional behaviour in accordance with relevant Codes of Conduct

      Demonstrating Leadership:

      • Demonstrates understanding of skills and how they complement those of others to build team


      • Adapts leadership style to time frame and changing situation Demonstrates initiative and suggests creative improvements and better ways of working
    • Languages: Good English & Urdu are essential.

      IT: Word, PowerPoint, Adobe and able to well present and analyse information

    • Sensitivity:

      The Program Coordinator must be tolerant and sensitive to needs of religious and ethnic minorities, women, children and the poor.


      In the absence of the supervisors, the Program Coordinator must have the confidence, initiative, patience and integrity to work independently.


      The Program Coordinator is required to follow organization's Accountability Framework and its commitment to the Codes of Conduct practised by the organisation. The Program Coordinator will ensure her commitment to the organisation mission and values and for working in accordance to her job expectations.

Apply By:

Please apply through given link below:


Only shortlisted candidates will be called for Written Test and Interview. We are an equal opportunity employer and women are encourage to apply.

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