Farmers Development Organization
Trainer / Resource Person for Asset Management Training
Farmers Development Organization
Posted date 4th October, 2022 Last date to apply 11th October, 2022
Country Pakistan Locations Toba Tek Singh
Category Consultancy
Type Consultant Positions 1
Status Closed

Relevant Experience:

 The individual consultant shall have demonstrated capacity and capability to undertake similar assignment. The following criteria for individual consultants will form the basis for selection.

 He/she should have significant experience in leading and co-leading similar assignments with valid documentary evidence and should be on active taxpayers list of Government of Pakistan.

 Strong track record with at least 3 years of experience in developing training modules, and in designing and rolling out training program with NGOs and INGOs

 Demonstrated experience of successfully designing and conducting trainings specifically on themes of Asset/Basic Business Management and Financial Literacy.

 Have adequate knowledge and understanding about local and regional gender dynamics as well as understanding of context related to culture, security, rural life, and training of women and diverse participants

Job Description:

Design and develop training module on Assets/ Basic business management

 Plan and deliver training sessions to project targeted ultra- poor households on assets/ Basic business management at district Toba Tek Singh

i) Training Material Development: The individual trainer will be required to design and develop Training module, Participant’s Handbook, and IEC material/handouts (to be given to female participants of the training on Asset/Basic Business Management, Functional and Financial Literacy themes to help the targeted ultra-poor households in effective management of their existing livestock businesses through dairy hub approach. Training Manual will include visual illustrations, background material, the key topics, for the training to target households are listed below; Assets Management o What are assets and what is their management? o Effective management and operation of given assets o Basic concepts of Animal Husbandry Practices S # Dairy Development Programme Area Union Councils (UCs) Districts District's Name 1 Punjab 07 1 Toba Tek Singh o Rearing of Dairy Animal as Business o Housing Management and Improved Nutrition o Sign and Symptoms of Healthy and Diseased Animal o Vaccination Schedule o Care and Management of Newborn o Milk Production as Business o Milk Value chain o Introduction to Assets and Assets Management and Entrepreneurship o 10 Steps of assets Management o Determine life cycle and replacement cost o Determine Business Risks o Risks Management o Effective management of livestock and other livestock-related assets o Operation and maintenance of agriculture and horticulture tools o Operation and maintenance including resilience-building against climatic shocks, of other assets, like rickshaw, machines etc. Financial Literacy o Budgeting and costing (Importance of a budget, how to make a simple budget, staying within your budget, and record-keeping) o Savings (Concept and importance of saving, saving types and their benefits, recordkeeping) o Investment o Debt/loan management o Accessing financial products and services o Consumer rights and responsibilities

ii) Training material (Participant’s Handbook, IEC material/handouts) will be developed according to profile of target community and its language will be either the provincial language or Urdu.

iii) Draft copy of Participant’s Handbook will be submitted to FDO and the individual consultant will be responsible to induct all proposed suggestions from FDO/PPAF. Training will be delivered after approval of Training Manual from PPAF.

iv) Final copies of Training manual, and IEC material/handouts will be submitted to FDO/PPAF in well-designed printable version.

v) Training Delivery: The selected individual will deliver the training sessions according to Training Manual and session plans approved by FDO/PPAF for the project targeted beneficiaries identified by FDO.

vi) Evaluation and Grading of Trainees: Evaluation and grading of trainees will be conducted on the final day of training as per evaluation criteria and ranking of beneficiaries as A, B+, B, and C (descending order of performance, respectively). Handholding of participants after the training and random spot-checking of the training sessions will be conducted to identify gaps and provide timely feedback.

vii) Reporting: The individual consultant must submit detailed report of each training session for ultra- poor households

 Title page

 Table of contents

 Training schedule (with date, location, session, and name of participants)

 List of participants

 Attendance sheets and registration form

 Results of pre- and post-test with analysis

 A group photo and a few more photos of training activity

 Participants’ feedback about training and trainer

 Training proceedings (brief) Training Duration and Participants

The duration of the training session will be 3 days for each group. Number of participants will be 21-22 households per event. Daily training time will be at least 6 hours (1000 - 1600 Hours). The basic detail is listed below. Training Category and Mode Training Themes/Sectors # of participants/ session Total Participants Events Training on EDT Asset/Basic Business Management and Financial Literacy 21 85 04 As a significant number of women participants will participate in training session, pre-training and associated arrangements will be ensured accordingly.